2021 ICAO Laurel Awards recognize Dr. Vincent Orlando and Mrs. Galyna Suslova

Montréal, 15 October 2021 – The ninth ICAO Walter Binaghi Air Navigation Commission Laurel Award was bestowed this week by the President of the Air Navigation Commission, Mr. Nabil Naoumi, on dual recipients Dr. Vincent Orlando, nominated by the United States of America, and Mrs. Galyna Suslova, nominated by Ukraine. The ceremony took place during the opening Plenary of the ICAO High-level Conference on COVID-19 (HLCC 2021) on 12 October 2021.

The Laurel Award process is normally undertaken every two years, and acknowledges an individual or group who has made an outstanding contribution to the work of the ICAO Air Navigation Commission in furthering its work to improve the safety, regularity, and efficiency of international civil aviation.

The 2021 award for Dr. Orlando recognizes his outstanding and longstanding support for the work of the Secondary Surveillance Radar Improvement and Collision Avoidance System Panel (SICASP), and its successor Aeronautical Surveillance Panel and Surveillance Panel. His contributions on definitions for Mode S protocols, 1030/1090 MHz frequency analyses and the development of airborne collision avoidance system (ACAS) and automatic dependent surveillance — broadcast (ADS B) were also noted.

The second 2021 Laurel Award, for Mrs. Suslova, was posthumously bestowed for her outstanding service to international civil aviation, and in particular, her many contributions to the Commission’s core mandate to promote increased safety, efficiency, and capacity in international civil aviation. She was further recognized for having provided an inspiration for generations of young female aviators.

Laurel Award recipients receive a statuette replica of the Mexican sculpture ‘Flight’ which sits in the centre of the Air Navigation Commission Chamber at ICAO headquarters in Montreal. Diplomas were also presented to Dr. Orlando and to Mrs. Suslova’s daughter, Mrs. O. Dolgova, who attended the ceremony on her mother’s behalf.  

Previous recipients are:
1999 — Mr. Olivier Carel, Direction de la Navigation Aérienne, France
2001 — Mr. R. Roy Grimes, Federal Aviation Administration, United States 
2003 — Ms. Kaye R. Warner, Civil Aviation Administration, United Kingdom 
2006 — Mr. Arthur Bradshaw, Air Traffic and Navigation Services, Republic of South Africa
2008 — Mr. Brian Colamosca, Federal Aviation Administration, United States
2011 — Mr. Yuri Mikhailovich Fyodorov, Russian Federation
2015 — Mr. Robert Charles Butcher, Australia
2017 — Mr. David Nakamura, International Coordinating Council of Aerospace Industries Associations (ICCAIA). 
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