North America Central America and Caribbean Regional Aviation Safety Plan

The Global Aviation Safety Plan (GASP) presents the strategy which supports the prioritization and continuous improvement of aviation safety. In Resolution A39-12: ICAO Global planning for safety and air navigation, the Assembly recognized the importance of a global framework to support the Safety Strategic Objective of ICAO. In addition, the Assembly resolved that the GASP, along with the Global Air Navigation Plan (GANP, Doc 9750), shall provide the framework in which regional and national aviation safety plans will be developed and implemented, thus ensuring harmonization and coordination of efforts aimed at improving international civil aviation safety, capacity and efficiency. The global aviation safety roadmap, presented in the GASP, serves as an action plan to assist the aviation community in achieving the GASP goals through a structured, common frame of reference for all relevant stakeholders. The GASP is complemented by the GANP, which presents the strategy to achieve a global interoperable air navigation system for all users, during all phases of flight, and which meets agreed levels of safety, provides for optimum economic operations, is environmentally sustainable and meets national security requirements.

One of the roles of the Region is development and implementation of a Regional Aviation Safety Plan consistent with the GASP and coordinating its implementation at the regional level.

The Regional Aviation Safety Plans (RASP) presents the strategic direction for the management of aviation safety at the regional level for a set time. It outlines to all stakeholders where the different regional entities involved in the management of aviation safety and the SSP should target resources over the coming years.

The NACC-RASP is created by the ICAO NACC Regional Office in conjunction with the region stakeholders in coordination with the RASG-PA to promote the effective implementation and sustainability of safety oversight systems of States in the NAM/CAR Regions, following the No Country Left Behind (NCLB) approach and based on the Systemic Assistance Programme (SAP).

The NACC-RASP is in alignment with the ICAO Global Aviation Safety Plan (GASP, Doc 10004).The NACC States shall endeavor to have their National Aviation Safety Plans (NASP) aligned with the ICAO NACC-RASP to the extent applicable.


The ICAO NACC Regional Office is responsible for the development, implementation and monitoring of the NACC-RASP, in collaboration with the region’s States, the RSOOs (ACSA and CASSOS) and with the aviation industry and in close coordination with RASG-PA. The NACC-RASP is developed in consultation with States, operators and other stakeholders in the region, and in alignment with the 2019 revision of the GASP. 




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