Border Management Post COVID-19: Virtual Technical Seminar for the Caribbean and Central American Region

Border Management Post COVID-19: Virtual Technical Seminar for the Caribbean and Central American Region

1 - 3 December 2021
Virtual/Online ,
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This seminar is jointly organized by the International Civil Aviation Organization and Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). Thanks to the kind funding of the IRCC, participation is free of charge.

The principle objective of this seminar is to demonstrate how existing travel document and border management technologies can be leveraged to help Caribbean and Central American states address irregular migration threats, while also minimizing the risks of COVID-19 transmission related to traveler screening practices.

Who should attend:
Those who are involved in the development and implementation of processes, procedures and tools for passenger processing and airport border management and/or decision-making regarding such matters should attend. The third day of the event (3 December) will focus on evidence-based decision making and preparation for action plans for enhancement of border management practices in the States of interest, and thus high-level decision makers are encouraged to attend on this day in particular. Representatives of airlines and airports in your State are also welcome to attend given their likely interest and possible involvement in border management practices.

Border control plays a crucial role in managing international migration. Effective border control can mitigate threats to national public safety and security, while making the travel experience seamless and safe. Globally, there has been an increase in the deployment of automated schemes, as they balance and often enhance security and facilitation by increasing efficiencies while allowing for improved detection of document fraud/tampering. In addition, the use of electronic Passports and automated border controls decreases COVID-19 health risks associated with the traditional close human contact required for manual travel document inspection.

To capitalize on the advantages offered by new border management technologies, states require the knowledge, capacity and technology necessary to automate their processes in a way that maintains the integrity and rigor that is present in traditional practices. The seminar will provide an opportunity for participants to improve their understanding of relevant technologies and to consider how their implementation might address their own unique border management challenges. It will also provide for sharing of best practices amongst participants and experts from states outside the region.

Following the seminar, participants will:
  1. Have enhanced skills, awareness and knowledge of best practices and available tools/guidance material relating to automated traveller verification processes;
  2. Understand the technical requirements and investments needed to run a modern border control system;
  3. Have access to a network of regional and international experts for follow-up discussions/activities;
  4. Identify gaps or potential future issues in their approach to border control; and
  5. Increase knowledge, skills and abilities with respect to preventing irregular migration.

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