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Biographies and Presentations

Opening statements

  • Dr Fang LIU, Secretary General, International Civil Aviation Organization (biography)
  • Jian LI, Deputy Administrator, Civil Aviation Administration, China
  • Zuoming LIN, President, Chinese Society of Aeronautics and Astronautics (biography)
  • Shumin CAO, Chairman of University Council, Beihang University (biography)
  • Rugui CHEN, Mayor of Shenzhen (biography)


Keynote address: What do we need to know for the 21st century?

  • Lydia Sindisiwe CHIKUNGA, Deputy Minister of Transport, South Africa (biography)


Panel 1 – Fast forward to the future

Moderator: Jiefang HUANG, Director, Legal Affairs and External Relations Bureau, ICAO (biography)

  • Michel WACHENHEIM, Executive Representative of ICCAIA (biography, presentation)
  • Patrik PETERS, President and Chief Executive Officer, International Federation of Air Traffic Controllers' Associations (IFATCA) (biography, presentation)
  • Roger LUO, President, DJI (presentation)
  • Michel TRAN VAN, General Manager, Airbus Beijing Engineering Center Ltd. (biography)
  • Ouyang TING, Vice President, Civil Aviation Flight University of China (biography, presentation)
  • Henk HOF, Head of ICAO and Concept Unit, EUROCONTROL (biography, presentation)


Announcement of the ICAO initiative to support young researchers and innovators (presentation)

  • Charles BOMBARDIER, Senior NGAP Advisor, ICAO (biography)


Panel 2 – Employer challenges now and in the future

Moderator: Arun MISHRA, Regional Director, Asia and Pacific Office, ICAO (biography)

  • H.M.C NIMALSIRI, Director General of Civil Aviation and Chief Executive Officer, Civil Aviation Authority, Sri Lanka (biography, presentation)
  • Patti CHAU, Regional Director, Asia Pacific, ACI (biography, presentation)
  • Ananthanarayan SAINARAYAN, Chief, Aviation Data and Analysis Section, Air Transport Bureau, ICAO (biography, presentation)
  • Yann RENIERHead Training and Licensing, IATA  (biography, presentation)
  • Torbjorn WISCHER, Global Leader – Training Strategy for Civil Aviation, CAE Inc.  (biography, presentation)
  • Yanhua TANG, Deputy Director of Human Resources Department, Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China, Ltd (biography, presentation)


Panel 3 – Women in aviation now and in the future

Moderator: Poppy KHOZA, Director of Civil Aviation, Civil Aviation Authority, South Africa (biography)

  • Nicole GIRARD, Acting Associate Assistant Deputy Minister, Safety and Security, Transport Canada (biography)
  • Henry GOURDJI, Head Strategic Planning, Coordination and Partnership Office, ICAO (biography, presentation)
  • Zhenxia LV, Team Manager, Airbus Beijing Engineering Center Ltd (biography, presentation)
  • Kate LATIS, Founder, BizAv Young Talent Initiative (biography, presentation)


Panel 4 – Innovations and solutions to address NGAP challenges

Moderator: Claude HURLEY, President of the Air Navigation Commission, ICAO (biography)


Announcement of the establishment of the International Association of Aviation and Aerospace Education "ALICANTO" (presentation)

  • Angela C. ALBRITTON, Representative of the International Association of Aviation and Aerospace Education "ALICANTO" (biography)
  • Pascal REVEL, Representative of the International Association of Aviation and Aerospace Education "ALICANTO" (biography)


Panel 5 – Setting up a national NGAP strategy        

Moderator: Haydar YALÇIN, Deputy Director General, CAA, Turkey and President of the Provisional Council, EUROCONTROL (biography)

  • Weiguang DI, Director of Training and Education Division, Department of Personnel, Science and Technology and Education, CAA China (biography)
  • Martín Alejandro VIDAL DELGADO, Ambassador of Uruguay to Canada and Representative of Uruguay on the Council of ICAO (biography)
  • Chun Yang ONG, Deputy Director (Aviation Industry), CAA, Singapore (biography, presentation)
  • Javier VICEDO, Representative China & North Asia, EASA (biography, presentation)
  • Gun-Young LEE, Professor, Korea National University of Transportation (biography, presentation)


Panel 6 – The way forward

Moderator: Catalin RADU, Deputy Director, Aviation Safety, Air Navigation Bureau, ICAO (biography)

  • Levan KARANADZE, First Deputy Director, CAA, Georgia (biography)
  • Karlin TONER, Director, Global Strategy, Office of International Affairs, FAA, U.S. (biography, presentation)
  • Hai Eng CHIANG, Director Asia Pacific Affairs, CANSO (biography)
  • Steve BROWN, Chief Operating Officer, National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) (on behalf of IBAC) (biography)
  • Vincent GORRY, Senior Vice-president, European and International Affairs, French Aerospace Industries Association (GIFAS) (biography, presentation)
  • John R. WATRET, Chancellor, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, Worldwide Campus (biography)
  • Dongsheng WEN, Chair of AeRospace College Alliance of Sino-universities (ARCAS) (biography, presentation)



ICAO's Expanded NGAP Programme


Implementation of National NGAP Programmes

  • Diana DUMITRACHE, Chair, Strategy and Planning Working Group, NGAP Programme and President, Romanian Aeronautical Association (biography, presentation)

Addressing future aviation security needs

  • Walter PARKS III, AVSEC Training Coordinator, Implementation Support and Development Section, ICAO (biography, presentation)


Addressing future environmental needs


Scientific Journal


ICAO opportunities for young aviation professionals



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