Solutions-Oriented Workshop

  1. Morpho, Herman Hemels
    Latest Developments on Physical Security Features for Polycarbonate ID Documents
  2. HID Global, Adam Tangun and Kathy Alsbrooks
    HID Global - Government ID Solutions
  3. EDAPS Consortium, Anton Bazhal
    Population Register, Strategic Role for the State
  4. Entrust, Inc., V.M.V. Kumar
    Entrust solutions for ePassport Issuance and Validation
  5. Giesecke & Devrient GMBH, Dr. Bernhard Deufel
    Designing Unique ePassports
  6. Crane Currency, Scott K. Palm
    Crane Currency Introduces Micro-Optic High Security Features for Polycarbonate
  7. IRIS Corporation Berhad, Peter Choong
    Bringing Instant Issuance of Secure ePassports to a Whole New Dimension



Opening Session of MRTD Symposium


Official Welcome:

  1. Boubacar Djibo, Director, Air Transport Bureau, ICAO
  2. Ilkka Laitinen, Executive Director, Frontex
  3. Weixiong Chen, Deputy Executive Director, UN CTED
  4. Etienne Guépratte, Préfet, Director of the French Authority for Secure Documents, ANTS 

Session 1 :  ICAO's Global Leadership in Traveller Identification Management

(Moderator: Gary McDonald)


  1. Towards Holistic Identification Management: the ICAO TRIP Strategy and Strategic Directions Set by 38th ICAO Assembly
    Jim Marriott, ICAO
  2. Doc 9303 Developments and Actual Technical Reports
    Tom Kinneging, Morpho, Convenor of ISO/IEC JTC1 SC17 WG3
  3. 24 November 2015 Deadline
    Jitendra Thaker, ICAO
  4. Implementation of Biometrics: Issues to be Solved
    Eugenijus Liubenka, Frontiers / False Documents
  5. The Canadian ePassport Project
    Jean-Pierre Lamarche, Citizenship and Immigration Canada
  6. Challenges in Facial Image Verification: Psychological Aspects of Issuing and Checking Biometric Travel Documents
    Dr. Richard Kemp, University of New South Wales, Australia
  7. INTERGRAF's New ISO Certification: Migration from CWA 14641 to ISO:14298
    Patricia Eszlinger, Intergraf

Sponsor Presentations

  1. Entrust, Inc.
  2. IRIS Corporation Berhad



Session 2: ABCs and Border Controls: Guidance Materials, Challenges and good Practices

(Moderator: Barry Kefauver, ISO, United States)


  1. ABC System: Simple as ABC? (will be available shortly)
    Prof. Raymond Wong, Hong Kong Polytechnic University
  2. Integrating Security and Facilitation in ABCs: an Industry Perspective
    Dr. Jean Salomon, Principal JSCP, France
  3. A Regional Perspective: the On-going Work of Frontex on ABCs in Europe
    Maria Duro Mansilla, FRONTEX
  4. Reading Biometric Travel Documents at the Border Properly: State of Play, Challenges and Good Practices
    R. Rajeshkumar, Auctorizium Pte Ltd.
  5. FastPass: A Harmonized, Modular Reference System for all Automated Border Crossing Points
    Dr. Markus Clabian, AIT Austria and Claudia Schwendimann, FastPass Project, Austria
  6. PKD: a Crucial Component of Border Control Architecture
    Roman Vanek, Federal Office of Policy, Switzerland
  7. Joining the ICAO PKD: Taking Full Advantage of being an Active PKD Member
    Christiane DerMarkar, ICAO
  8. The Role of the Trinidad and Tobago Document Examiniation Laboratory in Border Security
    HazelAnn Spooner-Williams and Elston Baird, Trinidad and Tobago Immigration Division

Sponsor Presentations

  1. Gemalto
  2. Morpho



Session 3: Implementing ABCs and borderControls in Practice: Challenges Faced, Lessons Learned, Points to Watch

(Moderator: Dr. Jean Salomon, Principal JSCP, France) 
  1. Trusted Traveller Programmes: Experiences of Canada and the United States
    Lily Ooi, Canada Border Services Agency and Kenneth Sava, U.S. Customs and Border Protection
  2. Integrated Border Management: Benefits and Challenges
    Bert Wezenberg, Ministry of Security and Justice, the Netherlands
  3. Automated Border Control System - EasyGO
    Petr Malovec, Directorate Alien Police Service, the Czech Republic
  4. Biometric Identity Screening in Canada's Temporary Resident Immigration Program: How a Whole-of-Government Approach Led to an Extendible and Globally Interoperable Solution
    Stephanie Kirkland, Citizenship and Immigration Canada and Chris Byrne, Royal Canadian Mounted Police
  5. Managing the Borders of Hong Kong: ABC Challenges, Solutions and Lessons Learnt
    Corrado Chow, Hong Kong Immigration Department
  6. Current Challenges and Opportunities in the Use of Technology at the Border
    Ian Niell, Border Force, United Kingdom
  7. French ABC Model and Holistic Approach to Passenger Identification
    Hubert Gattet, French Directorate for Border Control and Jean-Francois La Manna, French Authority for Secure Documents, ANTS
  8. Service and Control: Key Elements of Managing Migration in Colombia
    Humberto Velasquez Ardila, Migration Colombia
  9. Enhancing Border Security and Traveller Facilitation Using Advanced Passenger Information: the Case of Jamaica
    Jennifer McDonald, Passport Immigration and Citizenship Agency, Jamaica
  10. Wrap up and Closing Remarks

Sponsor Presentations

  1. HID Global
  2. EDAPS






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