MRTD Regional Seminar, Sint Maarten



Official Opening and Welcome

1. Mauricio Siciliano, MRTD Officer, ICAO


Session 1: ICAO MRTD Standards and Specifications

Moderator: Gary McDonald, former Director General, Legislation and International Relations, Passport Canada, former NTWG Chair

    1. Mauricio Siciliano
      ICAO Global Leadership in Setting MRTD Standards and Regulatory Framework
    2. Erik Slavenas, Programme Officer, ICAO
      Introduction to Annex 9: ICAO SARPs on Traveller Identification and Border Controls
    3. Tom Kinneging, Senior expert standardization, Morpho, Netherlands and Convenor ISO/IEC JTC1 SC17 WG3
      ICAO MRTD and eMRTD Standards and Specifications
    4. Tom Kinneging
      New Document 9303 Developments and Latest Technical Reports
    5. Erik Slavenas, ICAO
      24 November 2015 Deadline in Annex 9: Addressing the Challenge

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Session 2: Robust National Identification Management System

Moderator: Steve Grant, Consultant, Border Management Technical Expert, Canada

    1. Mauricio Siciliano, ICAO
      Evidence of Identification
    2. Leona Romeo Marlin, Department Head, Civil Registry of Sint Maarten
      The Need to Modernize Breeder Documents in the Caribbean: the Case of Sint Maarten
    3. Jasper Mutsaers, Research & Development Advisor Travel Documents, Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations, the Netherlands
      Changing Dynamics of Identification Management: Implications to ePassport Implementation and Verification
    4. Jean-Francois La Manna, Expert Project Manager, ANTS, Ministry of Interior, France
      Holistic Identification Management and Breeder Documents as the Foundation of eMRTDs: the Experience of France
    5. Diedre English Gosse, Chief Executive Officer and Deputy Keeper of the Records, Registrar General's Department, Jamaica
      Identification Management in Jamaica: Challenges, Solutions and Lessons Learnt
    6. Steve Grant
      Ensuring Physical Security and Secure Environment in Identification Management: Points to Watch
    7. Ronald Belser, ICBWG Expert, the Netherlands
      The FIDELITY Initiative: Towards Uniformity in Breeder Documents Design
    8. Stephanie Benn, Registrar General, Civil Registry and Passport Office, British Virgin Islands
      Identification Management Practice: Experience of the British Virgin Islands
    9. Steve Griner, Coordinator, Universal Civil Identity Program in the Americas, OAS
      Building Identification Management Capacity in the Americas: OAS Lessons Learned
    10. Gary McDonald
      ICAO Assessment Guide: Purpose, Structure and Methodology

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Session 3: Inter-Agency and Cross-Border Cooperation in Identification Management: Challenges, Responses and Good Practices
Moderator: Steve Griner, Coordinator, Universal Civil Identity Program in the Americas, OAS

    1. Erling Hoeve and Rignald Gressmann, Immigration and Border Protection Service, Government of Sint Maarten
      Identification Fraud from the Border Management Perspective: Experiences and Lessons Learnt by Immigration and Policy Officers
    2. Jennifer McDonald, CEO Passport Immigration and Citizenship Agency, Jamaica
      Enhancing Border Security and Traveller Facilitation Using Advanced Passenger Information: the Case of Jamaica
    3. Gary McDonald
      Effective Identification Management: Reflections on the Integrity of Passport Issuance
    4. Colin Jones, Manager, Eastern Caribbean and Bahamas, IATA
      Security and Facilitation Benefits of Passenger Data Sharing: Reliance on the Overall Identification Management Framework
    5. Orietta Zumbado, Coordinator of the Central American Border Program, SEFRO, SICA
      Border control Capacity Building: the Role and Relevance of Interagency Cooperation

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    1. Ricardo Delegado, AVSEC Officer, Regional Office, Mexico


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