ICAO Innovation Workshop


To be launched in 2022.


Details to be posted in 2022.


The ICAO Innovation Workshop covers the fundamentals of innovation in aviation – what it means and what. The three-day workshop intends to stimulate a dialogue between industry, regulators, and the research community to critically examine challenges and opportunities in innovation and identify common problems while together finding appropriate solutions. 

The workshop will be delivered online, via Zoom, and includes discussions around concrete examples and quite a few group exercises using a number of online applications and tools. The workshop intends to bring together an equal representation of regulators, industry and the research community.


  1. To gain a solid appreciation of the interdependency between the innovation and aviation ecosystems and the roles of its different players (incubators, accelerators, start-ups and aviation giants) and how they interact with each other. 
  2. To gain a solid understanding of the problems related to the lack of a regulatory framework and be able to propose different solutions that can help close some of the gaps between innovators and regulators.
  3. To learn to use a number of approaches to build a solid business model and ultimately transform innovative ideas into reality.
  4. And finally, after the end of the workshop, participants should be able to develop an implementation strategy for innovation.  


The aviation industry, regulators and the research community.


For general inquiries or registration support contact us at Innovation@icao.int

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