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*Kindly note that the event should start on Monday, 28 August, at 14:00 and wrap up on Thursday, 31 August, at around 15:45. The preliminary event programme will be published by the end of May.*



Shaping the Skies of Tomorrow: Addressing Key Issues and Technologies in 

Air Navigation and Safety

The symposium will focus on how the following list of topics can support the evolution of the aviation system to meet the expectations of the aviation community, including the Long-Term Global Aspirational Goal for international aviation of net-zero carbon emissions by 2050.


  • Performance-Based Aerodrome Operating Minima (technical and operational improvements in the following three areas to enable more efficient operations)
    • Aerodromes Operations
    • Air Traffic Management
    • Aircraft Operations


  • Evolution of Aerodromes for Future Needs
    • Aerodrome planning and design to accommodate future aircraft designs, including alternative fuels
    • Build aerodrome capacity and resilience to meet future demands
    • Industry perspective of upcoming aerodrome standards and future needs


  • Future Meteorological Information and Services
    • Evolution of harmonized and quantitative meteorological information services 
    • Delivery, use and integration of future meteorological information to enable more efficient routings


  • Higher Airspace Operations (HAO)
    • Concepts of operations and social economic benefits
    • Critical role of ICAO and how to enable HAO


  • Aviation Medicine
    • Factors to consider when determining age limitations for licence holders
    • Psychological Well-being and Mental Health
    • Evolution of medical certificates and the safety implications

  • Improving Safety of Helicopter Operations
    • Leveraging the community's safety culture to enhance operational performance with global safety initiatives

  • Cross-Border Transferability of Aircraft
    • Aircraft registration and airworthiness

  • Electronic Certificates
    • Lessons learned from Electronic Personnel Licences and how they can be applied to other documents that need to be onboard the aircraft

  • Future of Pilot Training
    • Integrating new-concept aircraft into pilot training and using new technologies to improve pilot training while reducing the environmental impact of pilot training 

  • Future of the Air Navigation System
    • Information Revolution
      • Put data to work and support more efficient operations
      • Infrastructure to support big data analytics
      • Responsible use of data for a sustainable future
    • Full connectivity
      • Ubiquitous connectivity for seamless operations
      • Open architecture for a cost-effective infrastructure
      • Resilience for a sustainable future
    • Service Delivery
      • Agile systems for flexible operations
      • Automation in infrastructure
      • Sustainability impact of system of systems

  • NOTAM Replacement
    • New model for NOTAMs to provide a timely and more effective information service to enable more efficient operations and routings

  • Modern Approaches to Aviation Safety
    • Complex Socio-technical Systems
    • Learning from what goes right

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