Seating Arrangements

Depending on COVID-19 related social distancing measures in force at the time of the meeting, the capacity of the ICAO Conference Centre and conference rooms may be limited. Access to the building may be restricted to fully accredited delegates.


Access to the Assembly Hall (Plenaries, Executive Committees and Technical Commissions) may be limited to two (2) delegates per Member State. Access to the Roberto Kobeh Chamber for meetings of the Legal commission, Economic Commission and Administrative Commission may be limited to one (1) delegate per Member State. The total limit, when two (2) concurrent meetings are taking place in the Assembly Hall and Roberto Kobeh Chamber, is three (3) delegates per Member State. The allocation of one (1) seat per Observer/IO cannot be guaranteed at this time. Seats will be reserved for planned/confirmed interventions and a few seats will be available to Observers on a first-come, first-served basis.


It is recommended that delegations limit their in-person attendance and participate virtually instead.


This arrangement is subject to change, and this page will be kept updated accordingly.

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