Sixteenth Symposium and Exhibition on the ICAO Traveller Identification Programme (TRIP)

TRIP & INTERPOL (Registration for Both Events)

31 March 2020 - 3 April 2020
Montréal , CANADA
ICAO HQ,999 Robert-Bourassa Boulevard
Registration Open

 Game-changing Technologies Driving Seamless Border Management


The ICAO TRIP Symposium and Exhibition on ICAO Traveller Identification Programme (TRIP) will take place from 31 March to 03 April 2020 at ICAO Headquarters in Montréal, Canada. The key point of the ICAO TRIP Strategy is a recognized need for innovative technologies in addressing border control challenges.


Border control agencies often use extensive and layered safety and security checks as a way of delivering their mandate to manage the security risks associated with air transport and to cope with its challenges. These checks are inconvenient, unpleasant and stressful for passengers who may have to stand in long queues to comply with all kinds of regulatory formalities at the airport terminal, facilitation stakeholders both government and private are continuously looking for more efficient ways to manage borders through innovative and collaborative approaches.


The initiative is also in line with current standards and recommended practices on the use of advance passenger data in the form of Advance Passenger Information (API), the Passenger Name Record (PNR) for passenger risk management and targeting, thus facilitating a large majority of legitimate passengers and controlling risky ones. API and PNR data  enable border control agencies to target known and unknown threats prior to the arrival of passengers at the terminal. Accordingly, the theme of this year's Symposium will highlight Game-changing Technologies Driving Seamless Border Management.


In line with UN Security Council Resolutions 2178 (2014), 2309 (2016) and 2396 (2017) that re-affirmed the importance of border controls to combat terrorism, the Symposium will provide an opportunity to enhance international cooperation and collaboration to address the threats faced by international civil aviation. This will be accomplished by promoting the global framework established by Annex 9 – Facilitation to the Convention on International Civil Aviation.


An exhibition will complement the Symposium, showcasing a broad range of products and services related notably to travel document security applications, border inspection and automated border control systems, and identity management


The programme of the ICAO TRIP Sixteenth Symposium and Exhibition is currently in development and will be available shortly. Please continue to check back for the latest updates on the Symposium.


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Who should attend?


  • Ministries of Interior, Foreign Affairs, Immigration and Customs agencies, Justice, as well as embassy Consular staff.
  • International Organizations, Donor Agencies, Private Companies offering technologies and products for effective international identification and border management.
  • Airlines and airport authorities, aviation security and travel facilitation consultants, academia and think tanks.




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