Opening and Welcome to the ICAO TRIP Regional Seminar

Master of Ceremonies: Mr. Edson Joseph, Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Public Utilities,

                                              Civil Aviation and Transportation, Antigua and Barbuda


Session 1:        ICAO's Global Leadership on Traveller Identification Management.

Overview of the global regulatory framework, policy guidance, and status of implementation following the mandate endorsed by the 39th Session of the ICAO Assembly. Achieving the maximum security and facilitation benefits of travel documents, through a holistic and integrated approach to traveller identification management as articulated by the five elements of the ICAO TRIP Strategy, including the benefits of participation in the ICAO Public Key Directory (PKD) and the status of the 24 November 2015 deadline for the expiration of non-machine readable passports. Moderator: Mr. Edson Joseph, Master of Ceremonies

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Session 2: One of ICAO's Major Strategic Objectives:  Aviation Security and Facilitation

Enhancing global civil aviation security and facilitation; this Strategic Objective reflects the need for ICAO's leadership in aviation security, facilitation and related border security matters. Moderator: Mr. Ricardo G. Delgado, Regional Officer, Aviation Security and Facilitation, North America, Central America and Caribbean Office (NACC), Mexico, ICAO

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Session 3:        ICAO MRTD Standards and Specifications

Current and emerging ICAO MRTD Standards, Recommended Practices and specifications for passports, visas and ID cards, traveller identification management and security measures. Sharing of best practices designed to minimize document fraud. Moderator: Mr. Dion Chamberlain, Secretary, ICAO Implementation and Capacity Building Working Group (ICBWG)


Session 4:        Border Controls: Interoperable Applications, Inspection Systems and Tools

A key element in strengthening aviation security is to ensure that border inspection systems provide timely, secure and reliable links between travel documents, travellers and the security information held in government databases. Technical experts with experience in the implementation of global interoperable applications and protocols will provide examples of recent initiatives regarding these important elements of the ICAO TRIP Strategy such as watch lists, passport readers and border information systems, the ICAO PKD, API/PNR, Interpol SLTD database, traveller data, inter-agency and cross-border information sharing.

Moderator: Mr. Christopher Hurrey, former Assistant Director, United Kingdom Border Control Authority



Session 5:        How ICAO TRIP Strategy could Help Combat Latest Trends in Fraudulent Documents and Methods

Fraudulent activities present a serious challenge to ensuring effective and reliable traveller identification management. Technical experts will offer their recent operational experience to highlight current challenges and possible solutions relating to the different types of fraud involving travel documents, chip fraud, and fraud related to the application and issuance process. (Doc 9303, Machine Readable Travel Documents)

Moderator:  Mr. Florian Forster, Head, Immigration and Border Management, International Organization for Migration (IOM)




Session 6:        Traveller Identification at Work

Successful implementation of the ICAO TRIP Strategy is essential to helping States develop and maintain robust traveller identification management. This also enhances facilitation, which in turn supports wider economic development objectives. Moderator:  Mr. Mathew Myre, Director, Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada

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Session 7:        The Importance of Evidence of Identity to Security Issues and Border Control Management

Credible evidence of identity, involving the tracing, linkage and verification of identity against breeder documents is essential to ensuring robust traveller identification for security and border control purposes. Experts in this important element of the ICAO TRIP Strategy will share their experiences in ensuring a robust identity management process. Moderator: Mr. David Philp, Chairman, ICAO Implementation and Capacity Building Working Group (ICBWG)

Closing Remark Remarks by Mr. Melvin Cintron, ICAO Regional Director, NACC Office, Mexico



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