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 Place and date 
The Regional Runway Safety Seminar (RRSS) will be held at the Swissotel, Quito, Ecuador, from 16 to 19 July 2012.
Address:           Av. 12 de Octubre 18 20 and Luis Cordero
Telephone:        +593 2 2 56 76 00
Contact information of the DGCA, Ecuador
Edison Calvachi, Institutional Adviser
Directorate General of Civil Aviation, DGCA, Ecuador
Buenos Aires Oe-153 and Av. 10 de Agosto
Quito, Ecuador
Tel:                  +593-2-2907-807
Cel:                  +593-83-698678
Victoria Andrade, Assistant to the General Director
Directorate General of Civil Aviation, DGCA, Ecuador
Buenos Aires Oe-153 and Av. 10 de Agosto
Quito, Ecuador
Tel:                  +593-2-223179
Cel:                  +593-98-243960
Fax:                 +593-2-2563995




The event will be conducted in Spanish, with simultaneous interpretation service.
Opening session
The opening session will be held on Monday, 16 July 2012, at 09.00 hours at the Swissotel hotel.  Participants’ registration will be carried out the same day at 08.30 hours.
The schedule of the seminar will be as follows:
Monday and Tuesday                       09:00 – 17:30 hrs
Wednesday                                       09:00 – 18:00 hrs
Thursday                                            09:00 – 16:30 hrs
Passport requirements
To enter the country, an updated passport and visa of certain countries are requested. For this purpose, it is necessary that delegates make arrangements well in advance to obtain a visa of any Ecuadorean Embassy or Consulate in your country to enquire on this requirement prior to departure. Additional information can be found at:
The average temperature of the City of Quito in summer is 15° C, which is considered warm – dry since it is near the equatorial line. Temperatures vary from a maximum of 19° C to 9°C at night, for which warm clothes are recommended.
The weather of the city is subtropical as for high locations; Quito is divided in 3 zones; south, center and north; being the south the coldest place of the city since it is the higher zone, the center is hot with the highest temperatures and the north is warm.  The weather in Quito is divided in 2 stations or stages; winter with a long period of rains and a dry season of 4 months with the highest temperatures. Quito always has a warm weather with temperatures from 10 to 23°C.
Since it is 2800 meters high and is located in a valley near the equatorial line, Quito has spring weather conditions all the year.  From June to September temperatures are usually warmer, mostly during the afternoon, while the rest of the year the temperature is usually fresh. The town of Cumbayá in Tumbaco Valley is the warmest place of the city, as well as most valleys surrounding the city with temperatures up to 25°C at noon.
Money exchange and credit cards
The Ecuadorian currency is the American Dollar.
Credit cards as VISA, Diners, Master Card and American Express are usually welcomed.
 Business hours
 Business is opened from Monday to Saturday from 09.00 to 19.00 hours.
In case of emergency, Metropolitano Hospital is recommended, which is located in:

Av. Mariana de Jesús s/n and Nicolás Arteta
Tel:   (593 2) 399 8000
Fax:  (593 2) 226 9824
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