Accommodations and General Information

Suggested hotels in Lima

Reservations should be arranged directly with the hotel and well in advance. In view of the various events carried out in Lima, prices may vary. Kindly consult the hotel of your preference.


Click on the link below to download the list of Suggested Hotels:


Passport, visa and vaccination requirements

To enter the country, an updated passport and visa are requested; however, it is recommended to contact the Peruvian Embassy or Consulate in your country, to enquire on this requirement well before your departure. Please also verify if yellow-fever, or any other vaccination is required. 

Money exchange and credit cards

The Peruvian currency is the Nuevo Sol Peruano (S/.).  Present exchange rate is S/ 2.68 per US $ 1.00, approximately.
 Credit cards as American Express, Master Card, VISA, Diners Club, etc, are usually welcome in hotels, shopping centres and restaurants.  Traveller’s checks should be exchanged in banks. 


In case of emergency, Clínica Anglo Americana is recommended, which is located in Alfredo Salazar s/n, Miraflores, Tel: +51 1 616-8900. 


 220 Volts/60Hz. 


The following telephone numbers are provided, with the aim you can confirm your flights back to your country:
  • Aerolíneas Argentinas 513-6565
  • Aeroméxico 705-1111
  • Air Canada 0800 52073
  • Air Comet 0800 52222
  • Alitalia 241-1026 / 241-8303
  • American Airlines 0800 40350 / 211-7000
  • Avianca 0800 51936
  • Continental Airlines 0800 70030 / 712-9230
  • Copa Airlines 610-0808
  • Delta Airlines 0800 4 3210 / 211-9211
  • Gol 0800 52917
  • Iberia 411-7801
  • KLM 213-0200
  • Lan 0801-11234 / 213-8200
  • Lloyd Aéreo Boliviano 444-0510 / 241-5210
  • Lufthansa 442-4455 / 444-4440
  • Mexicana de Aviación 610-6065 / 610-6066
  • Taca 511-8222 

Information on safety and protection

Upon any emergency situation, kindly call the Security Officer of the ICAO South American Office, Mr. Roberto Arca, cell phone 995876558, or to the Operations Centre of the United Nations Safety and Security Department (UNDSS):


Assistance 24 Hours - 365 days
213 – 3220 (direct)
213 – 3200, Extension 1600
997 571 008 (cell). 

General recommendations in the event of an earthquake

The city of Lima is within an earthquake area.
During an earthquake
  1. Keep calm.
  2. Stay away from windows, do not go to any balconies, and do not use elevators. 
  3. Locate yourself in previously identified internal safety zones.
  4. Evacuate the premises only if conditions permit it; otherwise, minimize your movements.
After an earthquake
  1. Proceed to leave the premises, since quakes can continue.
  2. Evacuation must be carried out calmly, quickly and safely through the indicated routes.
  3. Stay in the evacuation site until the designated security team of the building has verified whether the installations are at risk.
ICAO third and fourth floors emergency exits
  1. In front of the elevator area are two emergency staircases.
  2. Both stairs end in the first floor of the building, in the main entrance area.
  3. Proceed down the staircases. Do not push or run; keep in line, move in one direction only; keep conversation to a minimum.
  4. Exit the building to allow free flow of other evacuees exiting behind you.
  5. Once outside the building and having your back to it, turn left towards the evacuation site, located across Víctor Andrés Belaúnde Avenue.
  6. Pay attention at all moment to the indications that the security team might make.
  7. You will be informed when there is no danger for your return to the facilities.

General Information Document

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