Meeting Service for Industry Participants

In addition to the traditional air service negotiation meetings between States, this year for the first time ICAO is pleased to offer to members of the aviation business community (e.g. airlines, airports, manufacturers, etc.) the opportunity to reserve one-to-one meetings with States, International Organisations or other industry players as part of the ICAO Air Services Negotiation Event (ICAN2014).


Instructions for online registration along along with the lists of participating States, International Organisations and industries are available following the menu links to the left.


If you are interested in presenting a business proposal, negotiating an agreement or showcasing a new product(s) to a State, International Organisation or an industry player, please complete the Meeting Request Form.


Who Should Use This Service?
This service is intended primarily for aviation business organisations interested to meet officials from the participating ICAO Member States, International Organisations or other industry players. Representatives from ICAO Member States and International Organisations can also use this service to reserve meetings with any of the participating aviation industry organisations and businesses.
Benefits for You
    • Opportunity to meet face-to-face with high-level government officials, senior industry leaders, and aviation professionals from different sectors of the aviation industry.
    • Suitable for presentation of a business proposal or a new product, holding an exploratory meeting of interest, discussing an issue of mutual interest, negotiation of an agreement or signing a commercial contract.
    • Private meeting facilities and dedicated time.
    • On-site facilitation and coordination service provided by ICAO staff.
How Does It Work?
Step 1: Requests for Meetings
At this stage, the aviation industry participants attending the event will be given the opportunity to file a request for meetings with any participating State, Industry Organisation or other industry player listed at the event web site. Details of your proposed meetings, including organisation name, reason to meet, proposed agenda, preferred time, etc. will be required. You can request your meetings and provide all required details by e-mailing us a Meeting Request Form (available at the event web site).
Step 2: Meeting Scheduling
You are advised to file your meeting requests as soon as you can as the availability of most of the participating States and International Organisations is quite limited and not guaranteed. ICAO will prepare a Master Schedule, which ideally will accommodate all the received meeting requests. If any rescheduling is needed, ICAO staff will get back to you with alternative proposals. At the end of this process, you will receive your confirmed meetings schedule by e-mail.
Step 3: Onsite Meeting Coordination

The meeting services will be coordinated at the venue by an On-site Coordinator from ICAO. If you need to cancel your meeting(s) or change your confirmed meeting time(s), please contact the ICAO On-site Coordinator. Note that last-minute meeting time changes may not be possible to accommodate at a short notice.




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