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Pursuant to Assembly Resolution A33-1, the ICAO Council is convening a High-level, Ministerial Conference on Aviation Security at ICAO Headquarters in Montreal on Tuesday 19th and Wednesday 20th February 2002. To this end, a State letter (2001/117) was recently issued from ICAO to Member States and a number of international organizations with direct involvement in aviation security. This letter, which included the text of Resolution A33-1 and the Agenda for the meeting, may be found in English, French, Spanish, Russian, Arabic and Chinese by following the link below.




The Conference flows from the 33rd Session of the ICAO Assembly (25 September to 5 October 2001) which, in the wake of the 11 September terrorist attacks in the United States, adopted Resolution A33-1, Declaration on misuse of civil aircraft as weapons of destruction and other terrorist acts involving civil aviation. Pursuant to Resolution A33-1, the Conference is aimed at "preventing, combatting and eradicating acts of terrorism involving civil aviation". To this end the Conference is expected to endorse an ICAO Plan of Action for Strengthening Aviation Security and reaffirm the responsibility of States to provide aviation security for their territories.




The agenda includes a review of the adequacy of existing aviation security conventions and of the ICAO aviation security (AVSEC) programme, as well as Annex 17 - Security - Safeguarding International Civil Aviation against Acts of Unlawful Interference and other related Annexes to the Convention on International Civil Aviation.

Consideration for establishing an ICAO programme to audit the implementation of ICAO security-related Standards in States will be a key agenda item. The Conference will consider a financial and human resource plan for enhanced ICAO activities in the field of aviation security, identify resources required for additional security measures in States, and seek resource commitments by governments, international organizations and industry. The Conference will also consider proposals for strengthened partnership on aviation security matters between aviation and other authorities, and between government and industry.


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