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The Twelfth Session of the Facilitation Division (FAL/12) will be held in Cairo from 22 March to 2 April 2004.

The State letter with the invitation to the Division was sent out on 27 June 2003 (ref: SD 6/1-03/57) in Arabic, English, French, Spanish and Russian.


The Facilitation Division is convened from time to time for two purposes: (a) to formulate recommendations for revisions to Annex 9 to the Convention on International Civil Aviation - Facilitation; and (b) to develop specific policy recommendations for adoption by the Council. Since the Eleventh Session of the Division in 1995, significant advancements have occured in technology, travel document security, telecommunications and management of inspection systems at airports, calling for a new mandate from Contracting States to guide ICAO facilitation policy over the next decade. Owing to the substantial work already accomplished on the revision of Annex 9, it is anticipated that the Twelfth Session of the Division may be able to focus more of its attention on broad policy issues and strategies, including new strategies based on the interdependence of security and facilitation.


The agenda for FAL/12 is available following the "Documentation" link from the navigation menu.


The Division is open to all Contracting States and, as invited by the Council, to non-Contracting States and international organizations. The representatives of non-Contracting States and international organizations may participate in the meeting with Observer status.


Basic working and information papers on each agenda item will be prepared by the Secretariat and circulated as early as practicable before the meeting.


The preparation of documentation in support of the agenda items is essential to the attainment of the objectives of the meeting. Therefore, States and international organizations are encouraged to prepare documentation on specific agenda items.


Working papers recommending action by the Division should be submitted in one or more of the working languages of the meeting (Arabic, English, French, Russian and Spanish), be as concise as possible with a six-page maximum length, and reach ICAO Headquarters as soon as possible, and in any event no later than 15 November 2003, to allow for translation and circulation to delegations prior to their departure for Cairo. Advance distribution of any material received after that date or translation of papers which exceed six pages (including attachments) cannot be assured. All working and information papers will be posted on this Web site as they become available.


Please note that the Organization does not translate working papers presented by Observers, or any information papers. Such papers will therefore be produced in the original ICAO language only (unless a translation already exists or is provided by the State or Organization concerned).


The electronic submission of papers is encouraged, in MS Word or WordPerfect format, directly to the Facilitation Section (e-mail address:, with a copy to ICAO's Central Registry (


FAL/12 Arrangements and Hotel Accommodation


Site of the Meeting

The Government of Egypt has graciously offered to host the Twelfth session of the Facilitation Division, which will be held at the Cairo International Conference Centre, Nasr City, Cairo, from 22 March to 2 April 2004.


Opening Plenary

The opening Plenary will convene on Monday, 22 March 2004 at 1100 hours in the Chefren Auditorium, preceded by an informal meeting of Heads of Delegations at 1000 hours.


Registration of Delegates

Delegates will be able to register at the Cairo International Conference Centre on Saturday and Sunday, 20 and 21 March 2004, from 1000 to 1700 hours, and daily from Monday 22 March to Friday, 2 April 2004 from 0830 to 1530 hours.



Documentation pertaining to the meeting will be posted on this site under the "Documentation" link.


Communication services for delegates

An e-mail centre and a business centre will be available at the Cairo International Conference Centre. The services of the business centre will be at cost while the e-mail service will be at no cost.


Entry Requirements

Delegates should ascertain the documentary requirements for entry to Egypt and where necessary obtain a visa from the nearest embassy/permanent mission maintained by the Government of Egypt. It will not be possible for delegates to obtain visas upon arrival in Egypt. The appropriate authorities of Egypt will assist in facilitating entry upon arrival.


Health Requirements

Delegates may wish to ascertain the health requirements in effect for Egypt at the time of the meeting.


Health Services

Arrangements will be made to provide any needed medical services to the delegates at the site of the meeting. Delegates are advised to ensure that they have sufficient medical insurance coverage to meet any unexpected contingency.


Hotel Reservations

For the benefit of delegates, discount rates with several hotels have been arranged; please follow the link for a list of these hotels. When making the reservation, delegates should inform the hotel of their choice that they are delegates to the Facilitation Division Meeting in order to obtain the indicated rate.


Early Reservation

It is recommended that delegations make their hotel reservations as soon as possible and not later than mid-January 2004 to obtain optimal accommodation.


Transportation from and to the airport

A courtesy and liaison desk will be established at each terminal at Cairo International Airport to assist delegates. Many hotels have an airport meet and assist programme at the airport, and sufficient shuttle service from hotels as well as taxis are available. Delegates may confirm their arrival details with their hotels at the time of booking.


Climate and Clothing

March/April is usually sunny with temperatures ranging between a minimum of 15 and a maximum of 20 Celsius.


Business attire is required at official events.


Electrical Current

220/240 volts, 50 Hertz.


Address of the Meeting

The Cairo International Conference Centre is located on Nasr Road, Nasr City, Cairo:

Tel.: +202 2634632 / 2634673

Fax: +202 2634640

General Information for Delegates

A booklet entitled "General Information for Delegates" is being prepared and will be available at registration. The material in the booklet is available on the Meeting web site (


FAL/12 Administrative arrangements and Documentation instructions


Organization plan

The opening Plenary meeting will convene at 1100 hours on Monday, 22 March 2004 in the Chefren Auditorium of the Cairo International Conference Centre. It will be preceded by an informal meeting of Heads of Delegations at 1000 hours. The Organization Plan of the meeting may be found following this link.


In view of the fact that the FAL Division's work is of interest to other departments as well as to the civil aviation administration, delegations should include senior officials in the various areas of Facilitation, if possible, e.g. those dealing with airports, customs, immigration, passport issuance, security, public health and tourism matters.


Delegation requirements

Names of delegates to the Twelfth Session of the FAL Division should be submitted by 2 February 2004. In accordance with Rule 2 of the Standing Rules of Procedure for Meetings in the Air Transport Field (Doc 8683-AT/721), Delegations must provide credentials signed on behalf of the State or organization concerned, by a person duly authorized thereto, giving the name of each member of the Delegation and indicating the capacity in which he is to serve. The credentials should be deposited with the Secretary of the Meeting, or sent in advance to the Secretary General of ICAO.


Language and interpretation

For the formal meetings of the Plenary and Committees, simultaneous interpretation will be provided in Arabic, English, French, Russian and Spanish, and the final report will be issued in these five languages.



You are invited to submit documentation relating to any items of the agenda on which your State or organization wishes to share its expertise and experience and to make recommendations for amendments to Annex 9 or for other action. Papers should be concise, with a six-page maximum. Please note that the deadline given previously was intended to permit advance distribution of material. Working papers received henceforth will be translated to the extent possible, but their distribution in hard copies to delegations prior to their departure for Cairo can no longer be assured. In acy case, all working and information papers are being posted on this Web site (Documentation) as they become available, and will be distributed at the meeting.


Assignment of Working Papers and Provisional Timetable for their Consideration

The first List of Documentation has been prepared detailing all working papers which have been produced as of 4 March. Also available is a Provisional Timetable for consideration of this documentation along with draft report material. Both the List and the Timetable may be found under "Documentation" as FAL/12-WP/56 and WP/57 respectively.



Participants will be able to register at the Cairo International Conference Centre on Saturday and Sunday, 20 and 21 March 2004, from 1000 to 1700 hours, and daily from Monday, 22 March to Friday, 2 April 2004, from 0830 to 1530 hours. Each participant will be issued a photo-identification badge upon registering. The badge must be worn visibly at all times while in the Conference Centre.

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