General Information

Environmetal Colloquium
9 to 11 April 2001
ICAO Headquarters, Montréal, Canada
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General Information


Who is invited?


A State letter (Ref.: M 10/1-00/90) dated 8 September 2000, containing information on the Colloquium topics and format, as well as practical information on visa requirements, hotels and Web sites, was circulated to all ICAO Member states and may be viewed following the link below.


A similar letter of invitation (Ref: M 10/1) dated 15 December 2000, was circulated to the international organizations listed below and may also be viewed following the link below. The attachments are the same as those in the above State Letter.


On 2 March 2001, a letter containing the Colloquium Progamme and additional practical information on registration and security arrangements was circulated to all ICAO Member States and invited international organizations and is posted below as State Letter 01/13.



State Letter 00/90
International Organizations invitation
State Letter 01/13



International Organizations Invited


  • African Civil Aviation Commission (AFCAC)
  • Agency for Air Navigation Safety in Africa and Madagascar (ASECNA)
  • Airports Council International (ACI)
  • Arab Civil Aviation Commission (ACAC)
  • Central American Corporation for Air Navigation Services (COCESNA)
  • Civil Air Navigation Services Organization (CANSO)
  • Climate Change Secretariat
  • Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (ESCAP)
  • Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia (ESCWA)
  • Economic Commission for Africa (ECA)
  • Economic Commission for Europe (ECE)
  • Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC)
  • European Civil Aviation Conference (ECAC)
  • European Federation for Transport and Environment (T&E)
  • European Organization for the Safety of Air Navigation (EUROCONTROL)
  • European Space Agency (ESA)
  • European Union (EU)
  • Greenpeace International
  • Institute of Air Transport (ITA)
  • Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC)
  • International Air Carrier Association (IACA)
  • International Air Transport Association (IATA)
  • International Business Aviation Council (IBAC)
  • International Chamber of Commerce (ICC)
  • International Co-ordinating Council of Aerospace Industries Associations (ICCAIA)
  • International Council of Aircraft Owner and Pilot Associations (IAOPA)
  • International Express Carriers Conference (IECC)
  • International Federation of Air Line Pilots' Associations (IFALPA)
  • International Federation of Helicopter Associations (IFHA)
  • International Labour Organisation (ILO)
  • International Law Association (ILA)
  • International Maritime Organization (IMO)
  • International Organization for Standardization (ISO)
  • International Transport Workers' Federation (ITF)
  • Interstate Aviation Committee (IAC)
  • Latin American Civil Aviation Commission (LACAC)
  • Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD)
  • United Nations (UN)
  • United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD)
  • United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)
  • United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP)
  • World Bank
  • World Meteorological Organization (WMO)
  • World Tourism Organization (WTO)
  • World Trade Organization (WTO-OMT)
  • World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC)



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