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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Day 1​​

PPT #​Session​​​​Presen​tat​ion Title​
1-1​​1​​​​​Developments since 39TH Assembly​​
1-2​1​Realizing UNSC Resolution 2309 through GASeP Priorities​​​​​
1-3​1​Global Ministerial Aviation Summit - GMA Riyadh
2-1​2​Global Aviation Security Plan​​
2-2​2​The Role of the AVSEC Panel and States in the GASeP​ Development and Implementation​​​
3-1​3​​Impact of the GASeP on Aviation Security Challenges and Opportunities in Africa
3-2​3​​Enhancing Political Commitment towards Improving Security through GASeP and Regional Targets
3-3​3​Universal Security Audit Programme Continuous Monitoring Approach
3-4​3​​Middle East Aviation Security and Facilitation Plan (MID SECFAL Plan)
3-5​3​Cyber Security and Information Sharing Risks​
3-6​3​Dubai Declaration on Cyber Security in Civil Aviation ​​​

Day 2

PPT #​​Session​​​Presentation Title​​​​
4-14Improving Security through Comprehensive Regional Implementation Plan for Aviation Security​​​
​4-2​​4​Harnessing Resources through the Regional Aviation Security and Facilitation Group for Africa and the Indian Ocean Region (RASFALG-AFI) Team of Experts to Implement Regional Security Initiatives​​​
4-3​4​Harnessing Synergies between ACAC and ICAO to Establish and Implement Regional Security Initiatives​​​
4-4​4​ECAC Engagement for Aviation Security
4-5​4​Arab Airlines' Initiative in Aviation Security
4-6​4​The Exchange of Expertise and Experiences among Countries in order to Enhance Civil Aviation Security at the Regional and International Level​​​
5-1​5​Africa and Middle East Aviation Security Roadmap ​​​​


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