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Air Transport News
Air Transport News is a new, but increasingly popular online source of air transport industry information. It includes air transport industry news, expert analysis, interviews with industry professionals, event announcements and book presentations. ATN makes the air transport industry news more accessible and provides a forum where industry experts, professionals and academics exchange views and engage in constructive discussions. Established in 2006, the ATN has over 6,000 subscribers, including airlines, airports, and industry suppliers. Its web site is a popular web address, which airline professionals turn to in a search for the latest airline news.
Tel: + 30 2 109510355
Fax: + 30 2 109581018



Biometric Digest
The Biometric Digest newsletter reports on emerging identification technology covering fingerprint, voice, hand geometry, facial recognition, iris scan and other methods.
Tel: +1 314 428 5005
Fax: +1 314 487 5198



findBIOMETRICS is the leading Biometrics Industry Resource providing free information on all biometric identification and identity verification systems and solutions. findBIOMETRICS has the latest daily news from the global biometric business community, as well as comprehensive vendor lists, informative articles, interviews with Industry Leaders, useful links to Biometric associations and a current list of related industry events and conferences. is a growing online media company established in Malaysia with offices in both Malaysia and the UK. It provides web-based news and travel information and event management services to the world airline industry. The company draws on its founders' expertise acquired with industry leaders such as BOAC, British Airways, IATA, and Canadian Pacific. J4A popular newsletter reaches over 100,000 aviation professionals every week and has a comprehensive aviation industry event calendar.
Tel: +60 (0)3 5510 7063
Fax: + 60 (0) 3 5510 4249



Keesing Journal of Documents & Identity
Keesing Journal of Documents & Identity – Keesing Journal of Documents & Identity offers a clear and concise overview of the latest developments in the world of security documents and identity.
Keesing Reference Systems has recently published regular issue 32. This issue offers you articles written by industry professionals about safeguarding document integrity, key elements in banknote design and the evolution in ID documents.
Keesing Reference Systems B.V
Hogehilweg 17, 1101 CB Amsterdam
P.O. Box 12476, 1100 AL Amsterdam
Tel.: +31 20 7157 800
Fax: +31 20 7157 888

For more information, please contact:

Mihail Peytchev
Manager Promotions, CRC/RGA
Phone: + 514 954 8219 ext. 7763
Fax: + 514 954 6408


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