Information for Delegates



Credentials are required for the meeting. Such credentials should be signed on behalf of the State or international organization concerned, by a person duly authorized to do so, giving the name and position of each member of the delegation and indicating the capacity in which he or she is to serve at the meeting. Delegations of Contracting States may be composed of delegates, alternates and advisers. In accordance with Rule 4 of the Standing Rules of Procedure of the Assembly of the International Civil Aviation Organization (Doc 7600), one of the delegates should be designated as the Chief Delegate. Non-Contracting States and international organizations duly invited by the Council, or by the Assembly itself, may be represented by observers. Where a delegation consists of two or more observers, one of them should be designated as "Chief Observer". The credentials may be sent in advance to the Secretary General or be deposited, when registering on-site, with the Secretary of the meeting through the designated Credentials Coordinator.



​Title Language​ ​
​EB 2010/39 ​Registration and submission of credentials for the 37th session of the ICAO Assembly (Montréal, 28 September to 8 October 2010) English French Spanish Russian Arabic Chinese




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