MID Technical Co-operation Projects



​Country ​Project # ​Note* ​Project Description
Afghanistan​ ​AFG/02/803 ​MSA ​Immediate requirements for MOCAT for the Rehabilitation of Kabul International Airport
​Egypt ​EGY/96/701 ​CAPS ​Purchasing airport equipment
​Iran ​IRA/98/001 ​TRAINAIR Project
​Jordan ​ ​JOR/99/002 ​Support for Advanced Civil Aviation Training
​JOR/77/901 ​Trust Fund Project
Lebanon ​ ​LEB/02/801 ​MSA ​Reactivation of the Civil Aviation Safety Centre - Beirut
​Libya ​LIB/85/701 ​CAPS ​Civil Aviation Higher Institute (CAHI)
​LIB/85/702 ​CAPS ​CAPS Civil Aviation Directorate (CAD)
​LIB/85/703 ​CAPS ​Libyan Arab Airlines
​LIB/85/901 ​CAPS ​Civil Aviation Higher Institute (CAHI) - Trust Fund
​LIB/03/701 ​CAPS ​Buraq Air
​LIB/03/802 ​MSA ​Radar Tender Evaluation in Tripoli, Libya
​Oman ​OMA/93/901 ​Development of Civil Aviation - Trust Fund Project
​Saudi Arabia ​SAU/97/801 ​MSA ​Technical Cooperation with the Presidency of Civil Aviation
​Syria ​SYR/91/701 ​CAPS ​Directorate of Civil Aviation
​SYR/00/801 ​MSA ​Enhancement of DGCA Flight Safety Capabilities
​SYR/03/801 ​MSA ​Upgrading Al-Mezzeh Airport to an International Airport
​UAE ​UAE/97/801 ​MSA ​Assistance to Civil Aviation - Flight Safety
​Yemen ​YEM/76/701 ​CAPS ​Civil Aviation and Meteorology Authority (CAMA)





*NOTE:  MSA = Management Service Agreement  CAPS = Civil Aviation Purchasing Service



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