Fourth Meeting of the Directors General of Civil Aviation - Middle East Region
   Muscat, Oman, 17-19 October 2017
                ​Invitation Letter
List of Participants
​Main Outcome

Working Papers English 

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Information Papers     


WP# Agenda
Item #
 Title of Working Paper 
1 1 Provisional Agenda  
2 2 Review and Follow-up of Action Items arising from the DGCA-MID/3 Meeting  
3 3 Guidance Material for the Convening of the DGCA Meetings  
4 3 MID Region NCLB Strategy
​5​3MID Implementation Plan (MIDIP)
6 4 Regional Air Navigation Projects/Initiatives
​7​4​MID FPP
8 4 MID Region AIM Database (MIDAD) Project
9 5 Revised Strategy for the enhancement of cooperation among the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) States in the provision of AIG Functions
10 6 Establishment of the Middle East Regional Aviation Security and Facilitation Group (MID-RASFG)
11 6 Developments in the ICAO Facilitation Programme
12 6التعاون في مجال أمن الطيران
13 6 Optimize Regional Cooperation to advance Aviation Security
14 6 بروتوكول مونتريال 2014 للتعامل مع المسافرين المشاغبين   
15 7 International Civil Aviation and the Environment
16 7الخطة العالمية للتعويض عن انبعاثات ا��طيران الدولي المعروف باسم CORSIA   
17 9 ICAO’s Work for Economic Development of Air Transport
18 9 قوانين حقوق المسافرين في مجال النقل الجوي   
19 9 تحرير الأجواء والأحكام المرتبطة بذلك وآخر تطورات موضوع المنافسة العادلة في النقل الجوي 
20 9 Charges for Airports and Air Navigation Services  
21 20Dates and Venues of DGCA-MID/5 and DGCA-MID/6 Meetings





 Item #

 Title of Information Paper

List of Working & Information


​2​-Daily order of Business and Work Programme
​3​6Cooperative Aviation Security Programme for the Middle East (CASP-MID)
​4​3ICAO Aviation Training and Capacity-building Roadmap
​5​6Recent Developments In Aviation Security
​6​10​Enhancing Safety and expanding capacity;

Implementation of ADS-B OUT in the United States

​7​4Support for a Global Trajectory Based Operations (TBO) Concept
​8​4Collaborative Air Traffic Flow Management (ATFM)
​9​4Workshop For Regional ASBU Minimum Path
​10​10​ACI's Roles and Contributions to the Airport Industry
11​6امن المناطق المفتوحة للجمهور
PTT  #Agenda Item # Title of the Presentation
​1​3Global Aviation Safety and Air Navigation Updates
​2​3MID Region NCLB Strategy
​3​4Outcome of the MIDANPIRG/16 meeting
​4​4Progress Report on the Air Navigation Priorities and Targets
​5​5Outcome of the RASG-MID/6 meeting
​6​5Progress Report on Safety priorities and Targets
​8​4MIDAD Project
​9​6Developments in the ICAO Facilitation Programme
​10​7International Civil Aviation and the Environment
1​1​8The ICAO Technical Cooperation Programme
​12​9ICAO’s Work for Economic Development of Air Transport


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