Fifth Meeting of the MID Safety Support Team (MID-SST/5) and the States’ National Continuous Monitoring Coordinators (NCMCs)

(Cairo, Egypt, 19-21 February 2019)
​Invitation Letter       
Group Photo​           
​List of Participants
Final Report          
All Documentation​
WP # ​Agenda Item # ​WP Title   ​
​11 ​Provisional Agenda and Election of Rapporteur
2​2Follow up on the  RASG-MID/6 and RSC/6 Conclusions and Decisions 
3​2Update on the Implementation of the  MID-SST Safety Enhancement Initiatives (SEIs)​
​4​2​Outcome of the Fourth MID Region Safety Summit
​5​2Proposed MID Region Safety Indicators and Targets ​
​6​2Status of the State Safety Programme (SSP) Implementation in the MID Region
​72Safety Management Capacity Building Workshop
​8​2Strategy for the Enhancement of Cooperation among the MENA States in the Provision of AIG Functions
​9​2Recommendation for the establishment of an ICAO Accident Investigation Working Group (AIWG) for the MID Region
​102​Sharing Safety Recommendations

​English Language Proficiency

​12​3USOAP CMA Data Analysis
Future Work Programme
​14​5MID-SST Focal Points
1List of Working and Information Papers
2Order of Business
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