Ninth Meeting of the MIDANPIRG Communication, Navigation and Surveillance Sub-Group (CNS SG/9)

(Cairo, Egypt, 19-21 March 2019)
​Invitation Letter     
​Group Photo          
​List of Participants
​Final Report         
Working Papers (WPs) 
WP # Agenda Item # ​WP Title   ​
1​ 1 Adoption of the Provisional Agenda
​Follow-up on MIDANPIRG/16 AND MSG/6 Conclusions and Decisions relevant to CNS
 3 Outcomes of the 13th Air Navigation Conference
​43​Amendment to Annex 10 Volumes II & IV​
53​​GPS Week Counter Rollover Event
​64​​Outcome of the MIDAMC STG/4 Meeting
​74​​Frequency Management Issues
​84​MID Regional Frequency Management Task Force
​9​4​AIDC/OLDI Implementation in the MID Region
​104​​AIDC/OLDI Implementation Support Team
​11​4​ATM Data Cyber Security
​124​GNSS Issues​
134​​Outcome of the Surveillance/MICA Workshop
​144​​Surveillance Mode S Implementation in the Sudan
154​​Status of CNS in Libya
​16​4​MID Air Navigation Plan and Strategy
17​4​ASBU Alternative Surveillance Thread (B0-ASUR)
18​4​ATM Data and Security Enhancements
194​​GCANS Information Security Plan
205​CMS Deficiencies in the MID Region​
​216​Future Work Programme​
Information Papers (IPs)
​​IP #IP Title
1​List of Working and Information Papers
2​​Daily Order of Business and Work Programme
Presentations (PPTs)
PPT #​PPT Title
1​Oman VHF and Radar Telecom Network
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