Fifth Meeting of AIM Sub-Group

(Cairo, Egypt, 22 - 24 January 2019)
​Invitation Letter
Group Photo​
List of Participants​
​WP # Agenda Item # ​WP Title   ​
1 1 Revised Agenda 
23​Follow-up on MIDANPIRG/16 and MSG/6 Conclusions and Decisions relevant to AIM​
​3​4​Outcome of AN-Conf/13
4​5​MID Region AIM Implementation
​55​​Update to Guidance for AIM Planning and Implementation in the MID Region (MID Doc 008)
​6​5​ASBU Implementation Monitoring: MID Air Navigation Reports
7​5​MID Region Air Navigation Strategy
​8​6AIM Deficiencies in the MID Region
​97​​Future Work Programme
​1List of Working and Information Papers
​2Order of Business
​PPT​PPT Title
​1​Outcome of PANS AIM Workshop - Paris
​2​Introduction to Annex 15 Edition 16
​3​Introduction to PANS AIM
​4​Aeronautical Data Catalogue
​5​AIS Manual (Doc 8126)
​6​Outcome of ASBU Workshop - GANP changes AIM & SWIM
​7​Annex 15 AIRAC
​8New ICAO Annex 15/PANS-AIM Data Quality Requirement​
​9​Digital Data Sets - UAE Regulatory Approach & Implementation Assessment
​10​AIM the Digital Data Chain - Thales
11​Aeronautical Information Digital Databases Integration and Quality Management Migration
​12B0-DATM Implementation
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