Sixth meeting of the Middle East Regional Collaborative Arrangement for the Prevention and Management of Public Health Events in Civil Aviation

(Khartoum, Sudan 20-22 February 2017)
​Invitation Letter
​Revised Agenda​​
 DAY 1
PPT #Presentations  ​
1-1 CAPSCA MID Project Update
1-2​CAPSCA MID Global Activities
1-3​IHR Implementation in EMRO Region -WHO
​1-4Implementation of IHR Sudan MoH
​1-5Sudan CAA National Preparedness Plan​
​1-6Yellow Fever - Global Threat Sudan MoH​
 DAY 2
PPT #Presentations  ​
​2-1​Aircrew Role in Aeromedical Events
​2-2​Airline Emergency Response
​2-3CAPSCA Challenges
​2-4Emergency Plan at Khartoum Airport
2-5ICAO Reg Framework and USOAP
​2-6​ICAO WHO PH Related Documents and Terminology
2-7Joint External Evaluation Mission - Qatar
2-8Managing PHE UAE
​2-9Overview of ICAO Guidance on PH Componant in AEP
2-10​CAPSCA Training
​​2-11Safe Coordinations in the Provision of CAPSCA - Airlines
2-12​Airport Emergency Plan


PPT #Presentations  ​
​3-1CAPSCA MID 2017 Table-Top Exercise
3-2​Comms Procedure for Arrival Aircraft V2
​3-3​WHO  Requirements at PoE
​3-4​WHO Certification Procedures
3-5​WHO_ EC and Declaration of PHEIC_22_Feb
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