Aerodrome Safeguarding Workshop

Aerodrome Safeguarding Workshop
(Cairo, Egypt, 4-6 December 2017)
​Invitation Letter   
Work Programme
​List of Participants​​
​Summary of Discussions
PPT #​PPT Title  ​
1​-1 ICAO Overview
​1-2 Overview of ICAO Requirements-Regulations-PANS and GM
 1-3 Aerodrome Obligations for Safeguarding
​1-4​ECAA Case Study
​1-5​ECAA Law, Regulation and Structure
​1-6​Sharm El Sheikh Airport
​1-7​EAC-Implementation of Regulations
​1-8​Obstacles Pre-Borg Al Arab
​1-9Proposed Amendment to Annex14 Vol I & PANS Aerodromes
​1-10​Obstacle Data Collection and Mitigation
 DAY 2
 2-1Aeronautical Studies and Safety Assessment for Aerodromes
​2-2​Aeronautical Study in Annex 14
​2-3Competency of Surveyors
​2-4Obstacle Spot Checking
​2-5AD Safeguarding-Hazards Affecting Navigation Safety  PPT
​2-6Obstacles -Types, Nature and Impact
​2-7​Surveying Data
​2-8Case Study Contribution of Academic Institutions to Aerodrome Safeguarding
​ DAY 3
​3-1Overview Aerodrome Mapping Data Reported to AIM
​3-2Data Management and Quality Control Requirements for Sustainability
​3-3Data in the AIP​
​3-4​OLS Surfaced Modeling
​3-5​GIS in Airports Solutions and Applications
​3-6​Land Use Hazard
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