Third Meeting of the Directors General of Civil Aviation Middle East Region (DGCA-MID/3)

​Doha, Qatar  27-29 April 2015



​Invitation Letter
​Change of Venue
​Group Photo
​List of Participants
​ Report



​WP No. Agenda
​1​1 Provisional Agenda   
2​​2​​​Review and Follow-up of action items arising from the DGCA-MID/2 Meeting 
​33​Guidance Material for the convening of DGCA-MID Meetings 
4​​3Assistance for the conduct of meetings and missions in the Mid Region 
​5​4MID Region Air Navigation Strategy 
​6​4MID Region ATM Enhancement Programme (MAEP) 
​7​4Contingency Planning  
​8​4Search and Rescue 
​94​​MID Region AIM Database (MIDAD) Project 
​10​5Outcome of the Fourth Meeting of the Middle East Regional Aviation Safety Group (RASG-MID/4)  
​115​​MID Region Safety Strategy 
​12​5​Runway Safety Team and Go-Team 
​13​5RSOO Study 
14​​​5​Regional Accident and Incident Investigation Organization (RAIO)  
15​​5​​Collaborative Arrangement for the Prevention and Management
of Public Health Events in Civil Aviation (CAPSCA)
​16​5​ Coordination between MIDANPIRG and RASG-MID 
Cooperative Aviation Security Programme for the Middle East (CASP-MID)
18​​6Recognition of Equivalence and One-Stop Security 
19​​6​​​Requests by States for implementation of additional security measures 
​20​6​Recent Developments in Aviation Security and Facilitation 
​21​6Montreal Protocol 2014 on Unruly Passengers 
​226​​​International Civil Aviation and the Environment  
23​​​7Aircraft Noise Management  
​24​5CANSO Guidelines on Just Culture  
25​​​9ICAO’S Work for Economic Development of Air Transport 
​26​9حماية مستهلكي خدمات النقل الجوي​  
27​​9​​حول تحرير خدمات النقل الجوي وتنفيذ رؤية قطر نحو التحرير تمهيداً للمشروع العربي الإفريقي
​28​9Aeropolitical Relations 
​299​​Consumer Protection Regulations in Air Transport 
​3010​​​​Dates and Venues of DGCA-MID/4 and DGCA-MID/5 Meetings 
Voluntary Contributions for Translation of ICAO Public Websites and other documentation into Arabic
​32​6 Air Cargo Security 
​33​6Sharing of Threat/Risk Assessments 






Agenda Item​​Title 


1​​​-List of Working & Information Papers 
2​​​-Daily order of Business and Work Programme 
​3​7CO2 Emissions Activities 
​4​3Mini-Global Project Demonstrations 
​55​​ ​U.S. Implementation of the Aviation System Block Upgrades (ASBU)
Block 0 Modules and Collaboration in the United States
تنفيذ برنامج الدولة للسلامة ونظام إدارة السلامة - إنشاء البرنامج السوداني الوطني للسلامة  
​7​11 ​Regulatory and Safety Oversight of Heliports 
​811​​Regulation of Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS)







Title - Presented by
1​​4 Progress Report on the Air Navigation Priorities and Targets
2​​4 MID Region ATM Enhancement Program (MAEP)
​3​5RASG-MID Achievements  and Progress Report on Safety priorities and Targets
​4​5RSOO Study
5​​​5Experience of Qatar CAA in the implementation process  for the State Safety Programme (SSP) and challenges ahead
6​​5​National Safety Programme Implementation
7​​4 & 5Aviation Safety and Air Navigation Global Update
8​​7International Civil Aviation and the Environment
9​​9ICAO’s Work for Economic Development of Air Transport
​11​6Enhance Global Civil Aviation Security and Facilitation
​12​4​ANS Improvements to achieve MID Air Navigation Strategy Objectives




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