IATA/ICAO FOD-Wildlife Workshop


Wildlife and Foreign Object Debris (FOD) Workshop

(Cairo, Egypt, 24 - 26 March 2014)

Letter of invitation


Cairo, Egypt, 20 - 22 January  2014


Letter of invitation
Change of Venue and Bulletin
Fax Postponement



1Current Situation - Boeing
2Safety Policy - CAC
3Wildlife Management Best Practices at Egyptian Airports - EAC
4Impact of Wildlife, Damage & Prevention - Egypt Air
5Wildlife Hazards at Airports - FAA
6Current Situation - IATA
7Policies & Standards - ICAO1
8Policies & Standards - ICAO2
9Regional Examples:  Exchanging Experience - RJ
10Assessing Risk - Dublin Airports
11Assessing Risk FAA
12Assessing Risk GCAA UAE
13Assessing Risk Oman Airports
14Risk Reduction program - ECAA
15Risk Reduction Program - Embraer
16Risk Reduction program - GACA
17Risk Reduction Program - NANSC
18Technology Dubai Airports
19Technology Dublin Airports
20Technology Queen Alia Airports Jordan



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