Universal Security Audit Programme - Continuous Monitoring Approach (USAP-CMA) audit, preparatory mission to Algeria - 10 to 14 February 2020

It is one of the duties of a Regional Officer Aviation Security (AVSEC) and Facilitation (FAL) to support States in their preparation for an USAP-CMA audit. At the request of the CAA of Algeria, an audit preparation visit was organized from 10 – 14 February 2020. In preparing the visit with the National Coordinator it was clarified that the audit preparatory visit cannot be conducted in format of a pre-audit where the RO AVSEC/FAL evaluates the current AVSEC situation in the State, does an assessment and provides advice and suggestions for improvement.

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Instead the audit preparation visit was targeting the understanding and use of the USAP-CMA website, the ICAO guidance material available, and the use of the USAP-CMA Protocol Questions related to Annexes 17 and 9 (audited standards) requirements to ensure that the National Coordinator is aware of the prerequisites, understands the components of the audit and can share respectively with all involved entities. As a good practice during such audit preparation visit, time was also dedicated to meet with all parties involved during the audit (e.g. airport, air carriers, handling agent, police, FAL responsible people in the CAA, ATM etc. …), so the RO AVSEC/FAL has the opportunity to explain the audit process. In Algeria the preparatory visit contributed to a better understanding of the USAP-CMA audit as a process which  provides States with the opportunity to re-evaluate their security measures implemented. The audit preparation visit for Algeria was an excellent example of fruitful work and well-functioning collaboration between a State and the RO AVSEC/FAL.

" The experience Algeria has benefited through the assistance the EUR/NAT Office through its Regional Officer AVSEC has provided, is of great importance. The guidance given to us is of great value for the continuity of our actions and the preparation of the audit."  National Coordinator

More information on the USAP- CMA https://www.icao.int/Security/USAP/Pages/default.aspx

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