North Atlantic System Planning Group, NAT SPG 59, Paris, France - 27 to 29 June 2023

The Fifty-Ninth Meeting of the North Atlantic Systems Planning Group (NAT SPG) was held in the European and North Atlantic (EUR/NAT) Office of ICAO from 27 to 29 June 2023.

Ms. Hlin Holm, Head of Air Navigation Services Section of the Icelandic Transport Authority, was unanimously re-elected by the NAT SPG/59 as its Chairperson.

The meeting reviewed the regional work programme in the areas of planning and implementation programmes, safety performance and oversight as well as economic, financial and forecasting issues.

The following are the main meeting outcomes:

  • establishment of a Project Team to work on a common set of performance metrics to meet the NAT Vision Goals and Objectives;
  • agreement on the date of implementation of the regional project on removal of oceanic clearances and approval of related updates to NAT Region documentation (i.e. North Atlantic Operations and Airspace Manual (NAT Doc 007) and a new NAT OPS Bulletin on NAT Oceanic Clearance Removal;
  • coordination of safe integration of commercial space operations with civil aviation operations;
  • endorsement of the 2022 NAT Annual Safety Report;
  • agreement on use of ADS-B Height Monitoring data as the sole source of data for the NAT CMA height monitoring activities and termination of use of data from Strumble HMU;
  • approval of updates to NAT Region documents, such as the NAT SPG Handbook (NAT Doc 001), Application of Separation Minima North Atlantic Region (NAT Doc 008), PBCS Monitoring and Reporting Guidance (NAT Doc 011), a new NAT TIG ATSP Analyst Handbook to be published as NAT Doc 012 and the NAT Regional Supplementary Procedures (NAT SUPPs, ICAO Doc 7030).

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