ICAO IWXXM Implementation Workshop, Paris, France - 5 to 6 November 2019

Weather information used for international air navigation is currently exchanged as products used by airline operators (e.g. dispatch, pilot) directly. Weather information exchanged using the ICAO Meteorological Information Exchange Model (IWXXM) which is based on extensible markup language is intended to be ingested by software in order to produce tailored products depending on airline operators' needs. To facilitate this shift in providing weather information for international air navigation, many weather products in Annex 3 will be required to be exchanged in IWXXM format by 5 November 2020.

To assist States in implementation, the ICAO IWXXM Implementation Workshop was held at the ICAO EUR/NAT Regional Office in Paris from 5 to 6 November 2019. The workshop was attended by a total of seventy-seven participants from thirty-six States, four industries and ICAO.

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The workshop learned of ICAO and WMO global developments related to IWXXM and reviewed regional guidance material on this subject as well as Aeronautical Message Handling System (AMHS) messaging. Other subjects covered and discussed included steps on IWXXM implementation, bilateral testing of exchanging these messages, current and expected implementation in the EUR Region, States' experience on implementation, industry experience as well as inter-regional coordination of exchanging OPMET data in IWXXM format.

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