EUR/NAT Directors General of Civil Aviation join efforts on COVID-19 and Recovery Planning, Paris, France - 8 April 2020

Paris, France (8 April 2020) – The European and North Atlantic Office (EUR/NAT) held a EUR/NAT DGCA teleconference on 8 April 2020 with the objective to inform about ICAO COVID-19 crisis response measures, share the lessons and best practices learned in the past weeks and start the discussions with the States of accreditation on recovery planning. The call, which was chaired by Ms. Silvia Gehrer, Regional Director, EUR/NAT Office, forms part of the activities designed to support the EUR/NAT States in this time of crisis and start a new phase in collaboration between the regions’ States, regional organizations and industry organizations when it is most needed.

We had a total of 85 participants in this virtual meeting with thirty-nine (39) States, six (6) European organizations (EC, EASA, EUROCONTROL, IAC, ECAC and CANSO), ACAC and two (2) industry organizations (IATA and ACI). Interventions from the Chairman and Vice Chairman from the DGCA Working Group, Mr. Luis Ribeiro, DG CAA Portugal and Mr. Levan Karanadze, DG CAA Georgia respectively, confirmed and highlighted the role of ICAO as extremely important in the EUR/NAT regions in managing the harmonization of what is being done and planned during this time of crisis. They both supported the task for the EUR/NAT Office to ensure that sharing of information flows from States, ICAO and regional organizations in order to guarantee a regional perspective. The attendance of industry organizations during the call was much appreciated.

Following this meeting, next week, there will be sub-regional teleconferences to support the States in the Eastern and North Africa part of Europe with a special focus on operational Safety measures. The participation from Miguel Marin, ANB/ICAO Headquarters on these calls will provide additional support to the States that require this on the operational Safety measures.

The EUR/NAT office will organize additional focused meetings for groups of States that need further support. All meetings organized are part of a series of initiatives the EUR/NAT Office is currently undertaking to enhance the outreach and support required by the 56 States from these regions at this time of crisis and for the imminent requirement to gather their input on recovery planning moving forward.

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