Successful GES Learning Sessions at ICAO EUR/NAT

Paris, 20 November 2020 - On Friday 13 and 20 of November the EUR/NAT Office held the Global Employment Survey (GES) Learning Sessions with the participation of its Regional Director, Deputy Regional Director and more than 90% of the staff.


The GES Learning Sessions were to take place following the publication and sharing of the Global Engagement Survey results with ICAO staff in July. During the Learning Session I, EUR/NAT management made a presentation and discussed the EUR/NAT Results of the Global Engagement Survey, portraying the areas on which the regional office had positive outcomes and those on which EUR/NAT management wanted to work along the side of staff to make the office a better place to work.


The presentation also included the plan on how the office can deliver and work together as a team on the various topics and provided an opportunity for staff pro-active participation. Three teams were formed during this session and the preferences for topics were discussed and agreed. Following the session, three Team Champions were chosen by their respective teams in order to coordinate the work expected in the coming 8 months.


During the Learning Session II, the three teams presented their ideas, and management and Staff had the opportunity to ask questions and clarifications. The groups of ideas focused on a number of possible solutions to address the topics identified on the Survey as crucial to make ICAO a better place to work. The final ideas will be discussed and decided by the EUR/NAT management this following week. Three of these ideas will be chosen for full development and implementation from 1 December until 1 August 2021. The ideas selected will be announced during the next full staff Meeting on 2 December 2020.


These learning sessions are merely the first step in assuring staff and management that they can work together and deliver as a team on the various topics highlighted by the Global Employee Survey. The level of participation from staff and many of the ideas presented were an inspiration to all and certainly a breath of refresh air for innovation at the EUR/NAT workplace. 

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