EUR/NAT Directors General of Civil Aviation (EUR/NAT DGCA/2021-2) – 19 May 2021

The EUR/NAT DGCA/2021-2 meeting was held on 19 May 2021 with the main objective of presenting and discussing the CART Phase III status of implementation in the EUR/NAT Region.


The meeting was chaired by the Director General of the Civil Aviation Authority of Portugal, Mr. Luis Ribeiro, who underlined the progress made in the EUR/NAT Region since the last DGCA meeting. The ICAO Secretary General, Dr. Fang Liu, highlighted that the latest package of CART recommendations and guidance supports the creation of public health travel corridors, safe and efficient global vaccine distribution, the facilitation of all-cargo air services, and standardized COVID-19 testing certificates for secure international use.


The ICAO EUR/NAT Acting Regional Director, Captain Denis Guindon, emphasized that proper coordination and collaboration amongst all involved entities, governments and industry stakeholders, are crucial to ensure the implementation of the CART recommendations and Take Off guidance document.


The meeting participants benefited from presentations on a number of topics pertaining to the CART Phase III status of implementation in the EUR/NAT Region from ICAO and EASA as well as the view from the Industry on the challenges and the need of harmonization; the digitalization of supply chain (a joint ICAO-UNECE project) and a concrete example in Kazakhstan and the outcomes of the Air Cargo Digitalization of Supply Chain webinar.


Presentations on vaccination and testing certificates from ICAO Members States, ICAO, European Commission and Industry generated a lot of interest from the participants.

ICAO provided information on the latest ICAO Environment meeting on the Global Dialogue on the Long-Term Aspirational Goals as well as on the EUR/NAT Region's preparations for the High-level Conference on COVID-19 (HLCC 2021) to be held in October this year.


Representatives from 47 States, 7 International and Regional Organizations registered to this meeting for a total of 132 participants.

All documents presented during the meeting are available on the ICAO EUR/NAT website:

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