DMG/32 video conference calls – 22 to 25 March 2021

The Data Management Group (DMG) of the Meteorology Group (METG) conducted DMG/33 through series of 7 video conference calls from 22 to 25 March 2021.

Participants from Algeria, Austria, Belgium, France, Romania, Russian Federation and the United Kingdom contributed to the following:

  • Plan test of information flow related to the new requirements for SIGMET on Tropical Cyclone that involves some Meteorological Watch Offices in the ICAO EUR Region;


  • Review results of annual February OPMET monitoring and use the results as a reference to update the EUR Air Navigation Plan Volume III for MET elements related to OPMET;

  • Progress on the implementation of Regional OPMET Centre (ROC) Moscow expected to be completed in the next several months;
  • Assist ICAO EUR States with the implementation of IWXXM since approximately half the States currently rely on translation services by the EUR Regional OPMET Centres;

  • Review challenges associated with IWXXM inter-regional exchange due to AMHS network issues identified that will be raised to the appropriate ICAO global group;

  • Continue development of Regional OPMET Data Catalogue (RODC) application in order to facilitate ROCs and States on OPMET data exchange by only sending required OPMET data to States removing unnecessary OPMET data exchange; and

  • Prepare for the MID IWXXM webinar planned for 26-27 May 2021.

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