EUR/NAT Environment Technical Assistance mission and ACT CORSIA, Rabat, Morocco - 6 to 8 November 2019

ICAO EUR/NAT Office has organized jointly with ACAO a technical assistance mission on environment to support the Maghreb States developing their States Action Plans and implementing CORSIA requirements. Participating States received information on the States Action Plan Team, the data collection, and selection of mitigation measures including CORSIA.

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The technical assistance meeting was followed by an ACT CORSIA workshop with the support of the French Civil Aviation Authority. Participants received training on the requirements for the monitoring, verification and reporting of emissions in the frame of CORSIA.  This workshop was the second phase of the ACT CORSIA capacity building initiative.

Follow up action will be undertaken to continue to support the participating States in their activities toward CORSIA implementation and development of States Action Plans. 

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