ENAVSEC - COVID-19 impact on AVSEC - 12 June 2020

The EUR/NAT States called for the EUR/NAT Office to organize a region wide exchange of experiences regarding the impact of COVID-19 on AVSEC amongst all 56 Member States, regional and international organizations and stakeholders.

On 12 June 2020, the EUR/NAT AVSEC Group (ENAVSECG) chair people team and the EUR/NAT Office (AVSEC/FAL) conducted an ad hoc conference call focusing on the challenges, innovative ideas and proposals with regards to COVID-19.

The virtual meeting was conducted with the participation of 126 participants representing 37 States, 6 regional and international organizations and 5 industry stakeholders. It was hold in both English and Russian languages with consecutive interpretation, a challenge by itself, but a necessity to bridge and include all States and stakeholders of the region.  

The meeting provided for an excellent opportunity to exchange on challenges met, as well as on innovative ideas to organize the re-start and recovery while keeping an appropriate level of security in civil aviation and provide for protection of AVSEC personnel. Research projects which look into the early detection of the virus and may help guiding the way in the future were presented as well and raised high interest.

The EUR/NAT Office will continue on this path and provide regular updates. The next opportunity for a region wide exchange will come during the regular ENAVSECG meeting which is currently scheduled to be conducted on 6-9 October 2020 in Paris.

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