Sixtieth Meeting of the EANPG Programme Coordinating Group (COG/60).

The Sixtieth Meeting of the EANPG Programme Coordinating Group (COG/60) was held in the European and North Atlantic Office of ICAO from 14 to 17 October 2014.


One of the highlights of the COG/60 opening session was an award of Certificate of Outstanding Achievement to the long-standing member of the Group, Representative of the Czech Republic, Mr Ladislav MIKA.


Mr Mika started his activity within the European Air Navigation Planning Group (EANPG) and COG over thirty years ago and has served the EANPG as its Vice-Chairman for a significant period of this time.

The Certificate was presented to Mr Mika by Phil Roberts, the EANPG Chairman, and words of gratitude for Mr Mika’s work and support also came from Mr Luis Fonseca de Almeida, the ICAO Regional Director, Europe and North Atlantic and Mr George Firican, Deputy Regional Director, ICAO Europe and North Atlantic.


Mr Fonseca, Mr Roberts and all participants stressed Mr Mika’s continuous and unconditional support to the ICAO activities and outstanding personal contribution to the sustainable development and safety of international civil aviation within the framework of the EANPG.

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