AVSEC Instructors Certification training conducted at the ICAO Aviation Security Training Centre (ASTC): Doncaster (UK), 12 -20 November 2013

Doncaster (UK), 12 -20 November 2013
From 12 to 20 November 2013 ICAO conducted an ICAO Instructors Certification course in English at the Aviation Security Training Centre (ASTC) located in Doncaster, United Kingdom. 12 AVSEC experts from 9 different States in four (4) ICAO regions were trained as short term experts (STE) to teach AVSEC courses and workshops on behalf of ICAO around the globe.
8 of the 12 participants completed the challenging course successfully and will receive short term assignments as AVSEC instructors on behalf of ICAO beginning 2014.  The certified instructors made available from Member States form a backbone of the global training and capacity building activities which assist ICAOs endeavour to support States in implementing Annex 17 requirements.
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