EUR/NAT Aviation Security Group (ENAVSECG) conducted its second meeting hosted by Kazakhstan in Astana: Astana 4 to 6 September 2013

Astana 4 to 6 September 2013
Following the kind invitation from Kazakhstan the EUR/NAT Aviation Security Group’s (ENAVSECG) second meeting was held in Astana from 4 to 6 September 2013. 56 participants representing 12 States, 4 International/Regional Organizations and 5 Aviation Security Training Centers from the EUR/NAT regions attended the meeting.


The ENAVSEC Group is the only decision-making and information-sharing AVSEC entity involving all Aviation Security Stakeholders in the EUR/NAT area of accreditation, States, Regional Organizations, airline and airport organizations and other relevant entities. Current and future ICAO initiatives and evolving topics of European and global importance in the field of AVSEC were intensively discussed, best practices exchanged and foundations laid down for a better understanding between States regional organizations and industry partners.

The meeting was considered a success and participants jointly achieved 12 conclusions covering the Terms of Reference as basis for the future of the meeting as well as technical topics, such as cargo security, AVSEC training, principles for improved cooperation and ATM security. The group will continue its work to build bridges and achieve enhanced Aviation Security.
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