Belarus to benefit from 16 Aviation Security Instructors thanks to the 1 st ICAO AVSEC Course held in the country: Minsk (Belarus), 24 May 2013

Minsk (Belarus), 24 May 2013
From 16 to 24 May 2013 ICAO provided an Instructors Course for AVSEC experts in Belarus responding to a request of the Member State. It was the first time that ICAO provided AVSEC training in and for Belarus. 16 AVSEC experts from The Centre of Aviation Security Professional Training, the Higher Aviation College, the Airport Minsk and the State Enterprise “Belaeronavigation” in Belarus participated in the training.
The course aimed to familiarize participants with ICAO AVSEC Training material as well as with the art of teaching AVSEC knowledge in general and specifically using ICAO Training packages. All participants received the certificate and the newly acquired knowledge shall support them in their own duty as national AVSEC instructors for Belarusian AVSEC personnel covering different areas.

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