Procedure for Visas


Participants to meetings must possess the documentation required to enter and stay in France.


Application for visa is the responsibility of the State or delegate concerned, and should be requested well in advance as in certain countries the security checks may take longer. Please note that the advised minimum delay for process is 15 days before date of departure.


Applications for visa to enter France should be submitted to the Embassy or Consulate indicated by the website and should be accompanied by a copy of the convening letter issued by the EUR/NAT Office. It is recommended that holders of ordinary passports should address the visa request directly to the French Embassy with, in addition to the usual documents, a mission order or similar documentation indicating precisely the Administration or Organization which will bear all expenses (food, lodging, repatriation, insurance etc).


For holders of diplomatic or service passports, the responsible Ministry (usually the Ministry of Transport) receiving the invitation to attend a meeting shall request the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the invited State to produce a “note verbale” note for the appropriate French Embassy stating the information listed below.


In case of difficulties in obtaining visas, the appropriate authority, administration or State in question should send a request for a visa support letter, on official letter headed paper, to the EUR/NAT Office, at least 6 weeks before the start of the meeting, and indicate the following information:



    • Official list of designated delegates attending the meeting
    • Title in the administration/organization being represented
    • Full names as in the passport
    • Individual Passport Number
    • Passport Issuing Authority
    • Passport Expiry date
    • Date of Birth
    • Place of Birth
    • Nationality


The EUR/NAT Office will communicate the list of participants to the appropriate Embassy/Consulate and will send a copy of the visa support letter to the requesting State or Organization.


No personal invitations can be issued by ICAO.

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