Meeting Schedule 2018

collapse Month : 02/2018 ‎(1)
ICAO iSTARS and Data Analysis Workshop ICAO EUR/NAT Office, Paris. France05-09 February 2018Confirmed
collapse Month : 03/2018 ‎(3)
NAT SG/18Santa Maria, Portugal12-16 March 2018Confirmed
ASTCD meetingICAO EUR/NAT Office, Paris, France13-14 March 2018Tentative
NAT POG/5Santa Maria, Portugal19-23 March 2018Confirmed
collapse Month : 04/2018 ‎(4)
NAT TIG/5ICAO EUR/NAT Office, Paris, France09-13 April 2018Confirmed
IE  REST/11ICAO EUR/NAT Office, Paris. France16-20 April 2018Confirmed
AFSG/22ICAO EUR/NAT Office, Paris, France23-27 April 2018Confirmed
NAT IMG/52ICAO EUR/NAT Office, Paris, France24-27 April 2018Confirmed
collapse Month : 05/2018 ‎(3)
NAT EFFG 34ICAO EUR/NAT Office, Paris, France15-17 May 2018Confirmed
COG 70TBD21-25 May 2018Confirmed
ENAVSECG/07ICAO EUR/NAT Office, Paris, France29-31 May 2018Confirmed
collapse Month : 06/2018 ‎(2)
NAT SOG/18ICAO EUR/NAT Office, Paris, France04-08 June 2018Confirmed
NAT SPG/54ICAO EUR/NAT Office, Paris, France25-28 June 2018Confirmed
collapse Month : 09/2018 ‎(4)
NAT POG/6ICAO EUR/NAT Office, Paris, France10-14 September 2018Confirmed
NAT EFFG/35Reykjavik, Iceland18-20 September 2018Confirmed
METG/28ICAO EUR/NAT Office, Paris, France18-21 September 2018Tentative
ICAO AVSEC/FAL Seminar for the Eastern part of the ICAO EUR RegionSkopje, Macedonia19-21 September 2018Confirmed
collapse Month : 11/2018 ‎(1)
Joint Mediterrannean Seminar/03Cairo, Egypt13-15 November 2018Confirmed
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