EUR and NAT Documents

In support of NAT OPS Bulletin - NAT Data Link Special Emphasis Items (Serial No: 2017_004)4 KB 17-02-2020 10:33
Folder: NAT Data Link and Voice COM Performance Reports
NAT Data Link and Voice Communication System Performance Reports31-05-2017 06:12
Folder: NAT Doc 001 - NAT SPG Handbook
NAT SPG Handbook - latest version with amendments31-07-2019 05:09
Folder: NAT Doc 003
High Frequency Management Guidance Material for the North Atlantic Region25/08/2014 08:21
Folder: NAT Doc 004
Common Aeradio Communications Interface Control Document for the North Atlantic Region25/08/2014 08:22
Folder: NAT Doc 006 - NAT Contingency Plan
Air Traffic Management Operational Contingency Plan - North Altantic Region24-01-2023 08:53
Folder: NAT Doc 007
North Atlantic Operations and Airspace Manual15/01/2016 11:11
Folder: NAT Doc 008 - NAT ASM
Application of Separation Minima - North Atlantic Region - (NAT ASM) 1st Edition11/02/2015 08:17
Folder: NAT Doc 010
Consolidated Reporting Responsibilities Handbook - NAT Region25/09/2015 05:49
Folder: NAT Doc 011
PBCS Monitoring and Reporting Guidance15-07-2021 11:03
Folder: NAT Doc 012
NAT TIG ATSP Analyst Handbook27-07-2023 10:51
Folder: NAT Doc 013
Operational Guidance for Commercial Space Operations (CSO)04-07-2024 08:59
Oceanic Clearance Removal (OCR) Overview-Video.mp4
Updated on 28 May 2024 - In support of NAT OPS Bulletin  2023_001_Rev0335990 KB 12-06-2024 09:48
2785 KB 27-10-2016 04:27
PBCS ATSP Under-Performance Report Form.xlsm
Effective from January 202526 KB 13-06-2024 09:00
Folder: Planning documents supporting separation reductions and other initiatives
Concepts of operations, task lists and other mature documentation supporting the planning for separation reductions and other initiatives in the ICAO NAT Region.25/08/2014 08:26
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