ANP Tools - ATS Messaging Management Centre ( AMC)

​The ATS Messaging Management Manual (EUR Doc 021) describes the framework in which the off-line network management services of the ATS Messaging Management Centre (AMC) are provided to States/ANSPs in the ICAO EUR Region, and, in a more limited manner, to States/ANSPs in other Regions, under control by the Aeronautical Fixed Services Group (AFSG), a subgroup of EANPG


ATS Messaging refers to the integrated, heterogeneous messaging environment made of AFTN, CIDIN and AMHS.


Two categories of Off-Line Management Functions are defined, Implementation Support Functions primarily for States in the process of implementing AMHS, and Operational Functions in support of States with AFTN, CIDIN and/or AMHS in operational service. The ATS Messaging Management Centre procedures associated with the performance of these functions by Co-operating COM Centres (CCCs) are described in the ATS Messaging Management Manual.


The goal of the ATS Messaging Management Centre with regard to AMHS is twofold: 


    • the AMC facilitates the transition from CIDIN/AFTN to AMHS;
    • the AMC provides new tools in support of AMHS operation, address management and user capabilities management, that will serve during transition and in the target AMHS network.


When States in the ICAO EUR Region implement AMHS, transition is complex to manage and proper coordination between COM Centres is an essential requirement to ensure the overall ATS Messaging quality of service. It is therefore recommended that every State implementing AMHS should participate in AMC activities.


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