Invitation Letter | Lettre d'invitation
Registration Form | Formulaire d'inscription
Signed NAFISAT MOU -secured



Information Papers | Documents d'Information Language
IP/01 - Information Bulletin
IP/02 - List of Documents
IP/03 - Tentative Work Programme



Working Papers Language
WP/01 - Provisional Agenda
WP/02 - Review of Status of Signing of the new Memeorandum of Understatnding (MoU)
WP/03 - Status of Implementation of conlusions from previous meetings
WP/04 - Outcome of ITU WRC-15 pertaining to VSAT networks
WP/05 - NAFISAT Network Upgrade (NAFISAT & GNSS) - EGNOS
WP/06 - Operation, maintenance and performance of NAFISAT Network
WP/07 - NAFISAT Custom Clearance Processes
WP/08 - The distribution of Space based ADS-B (SB ADS-B) data in the NAFISAT network
WP/09 - Financial Statements (2015/2016) and Budget (2016/2017) secured
WP/10 - NAFISAT VSAT Upgrade Progress Report





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