LOC-I and UPRT 2016



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Information Bulletin
Agenda / Programme
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DAY 1 Language
Opening Remarks on Workshop on LOC-I and UPRT
Module 1  - UPRT Provisions:Henry Defalque (ICAO)​
The Need for UPRTSunjoo Advani-IDT
FAA Approach to Upset Prevention and Recovery Training:Jeffery A. Schroeder (FAA)
Module 2 - UPRT in FSTDs and Aeroplanes:Lou Nemeth (CAE) / Henry Defalque (ICAO)
Module 3 - Implementing UPRT in an Airline:Yann Renier (IATA) / Henry Defalque (ICAO)
Module 4:
  • Planning Regional UPRT Implementation:
Papa Issa Mbengue (ICAO-ESAF)
  • LOC-I and UPRT Regional Planning:
Papa Issa Mbengue (ICAO-ESAF)



DAY 2 Language
Air Navigation Service Provider's Contribution to Reduce LOC-I: David Labrosse (ICAO-ESAF)​
Simulator Stall Models:Jeffery A. Schroeder (FAA)
Module 5 - Effectiveness of UPRT in Preventing LOCI-Events:Henry Defalque (ICAO)
Workshop on Regional Implementation Issues including Questionnaire:​(FAA & ICATEE/IDT)
Stakeholder's Perspective :
  • Multi Crew Pilot Training and Type Rating
Capt Vadims Prudnikovs (Ethiopian Airlines)
  • A Review of MPL Program and UPRT:
Capt Wuhib Seife (Ethiopian Airlines)
Upset Prevention and Recovery Training:Carl Bollweg (IFALPA RVP AFI South)
DAY 3 Language
FAA Academic Upset Prevention and Training:Jeffery A. Schroeder (FAA)​
Presentation of the Ethiopian Aviation Academy (EAA)CEO (EAA)
RASG-AFI 5 Year Plan of ActionCapt Tom N Ongeche (KCAA)




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