Facilitation( FAL) Webinar: Facilitation Tools in Response to COVID-19: Strengthening International and Inter- Agency Cooperation.


4 August 2020, 1100 UTC (1400 hours Nairobi time)







The objective of the webinars is to discuss how to apply Annex 9 provisions for the establishment and operation of a resilient and robust National Air Transport Facilitation Committee, thereby strengthening collaboration and cooperation of all stakeholders.



Officials/experts from the following organizations are invited to register for the webinars:- Immigration, Customs, Border Control, Civil Aviation Authority, Airport Authority/Operators, Aircraft operators, Public Health , International and Regional Organizations.



                Barry kashambo


​         Justus Nyunja
        ​Janet Chemeli
       ​Christopher Hornek


Barry kashambo

Mr. Barry Kashambo joined ICAO ESAF as Regional Director in March 2015 and has been in international civil aviation community for over 30 years with a background of Flight Safety Standards specifically Airworthiness Inspection, Aircraft accident investigation and Aviation management.


He worked with the Civil Aviation Authority Uganda for a period of 21 years (1988-2009) and served as Aviation safety officer for the Aviation section of the UN Peace Keeping Organisation, MONUSCO (2009-2012), performing oversight and accident/incident investigation for the biggest UN mission fleet.


Barry Kashambo worked as the Executive Director of East African Community- Civil Aviation Safety and Security Agency, (CASSOA), a Regional safety and Security Oversight Organisation (RSOO) in 2012-2015 where he directed the development of harmonised regulations, guidance materials, common examinations, and operationalisation of the regional experts sharing scheme. At ICAO, where he joined in 2015, he is the Secretary to the AFI SECFAL Plan Steering committee since inception and APIRG and is aggressively keen to foster strong cooperation and collaboration between Aviation industry Stakeholders.

Justus Nyunja

Justus Nyunja is the Aviation Security and Facilitation Regional Officer at ICAO Eastern and Southern African (ESAF) Office, Nairobi, Kenya. In the area of Facilitation, his functions include but not limited to:  provisions of technical assistant to States on  Annex 9 SARPs and collection of information on the status of implementation of Annex 9, inform ICAO ATB / FAL of any particular FAL-related issues in the region and draw attention to instances where FAL field work, such as implementation assistance missions, would be especially useful, assist Headquarters, as appropriate, in the organization, preparation and conduct of any FAL meetings and FAL implementation assistance missions.

​Janet Chemeli

Janet Chemeli is a Facilitation Officer with the ICAO Air Transport Bureau, Aviation Security and Facilitation Section, Facilitation Section where her functions include, inter alia, amendments to Annex 9, its implementation and related capacity building.  She is also responsible for coordination and planning related to Facilitation Implementation Seminars and Training, assistance initiatives under the Facilitation Programme and implementation aspects of Doc 9303 (Machine Readable Travel Documents).

Christopher Hornek

Christopher Hornek is a consultant for the ICAO Facilitation Section, where he is a Passenger Data Exchange Expert and Project Manager for compliance with ICAO Doc 9303. One of his main tasks is to provide expertise regarding the implementation of Advance Passenger Information (API) and Passenger Name Record (PNR) data, including in cooperation with the UN Countering Terrorist Travel Programme. Previously he worked for the International Air Transport Association (IATA) Facilitation Section and was the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) Travel Document Security programme manager.

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