Air Traffic Coordination Meeting for Southern AFI Flight Information Regions (ATM/CM-SAF)

Johannesburg, South Africa, 3 - 5 February 2015




Order of Business 

01 : Agenda and Facilitator, Appendix A

02 : Secretariat Guidance on Discussions

03 : Coordination and Implementation of Strategic Lateral Off-Set Procedure (SLOP)

04 : Coordination Failures Between South Africa and Adjacent FIR's

05 : Coordination Failures in the SAF Region

06 : AFI Optimized Trajectory and Airspace AORTA)

08 : Reduction in Coordination for Large Height Deviations in the SAF Region | Appendix A

09 : Proposal for ATM Coordination Meeting Schedule

10 : CAA Botswana Discussion Paper

11 : The Impact of Missing Flight Plans on SO-A (Safety) and SOB (Air Navigavtion Capacity and Efficiency)

12 : PBN Implementation

14 : AOB - VSAT Spectrum Protection

15 : ATM Coordination Issues (ANGOLA)

16 : ATM Coordination Issues (IATA)

17 : RVSM Issues

Coordination Meeting, Presented by ARMA



List of Discussion Papers

01 : Contigency Plan applicable to Mogadishu Flight Information Region (FIR)

02 : Air Traffic Flow Management in Support of SO-B Air Navigation Capacity and Efficiency

Updating of Letters of Agreement/Procedures (LOAs/LOPs)



Integration of ATM Systems Through AIDC - by South Africa

Technology Implementation and ASBU Alignment - by South Africa

Technology Implementation and Relevant ASBU Alignment within ATM - by Colin Bryant

Safety Events in Antananarivo FIR - by ASECNA

Contigency Plan for Antananarivo FIR - by ASECNA

CAA Botswana Discussion Paper - by Botswana

AFI Optimized Route Trajectory and Airspace (AORTA) - by South Africa


SAF Coordination Failures - by ARMA

SLOP and SAF - by ARMA

Letters of Agreement/Procedures - by ASECNA

Missing FPL Operational Statistics - by ASECNA

Missing Flight Plans - South Africa

Various Agenda Items

Past, Present and Future of PBN in South Africa


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